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Jingle Bells!

Because you've all been naughty and nice this year, you get a sneak peak at the prologue for Heaven is Weeping!

It's the unedited version, since I haven't done my final read through yet, so forgive any errors!



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Curtis...What the hell have we done?


It was like shopping online for the perfect gift to give yourself. Who would have known that the simple act of cyber dating would make his life that much easier? There was no more stalking a woman in the real world, trying to find out her every move, following her around in secrecy, or laying low to remain hidden. With the implementation of the internet and social media, life had become that much easier.

Finally, everything that he ever longed for was at his fingertips. It was all there for the taking.

All he had to do was go to that one specific website, put in his requirements for the perfect woman, and presto!

There she was.

It was all too miraculous.

Deliciously wicked.

Technology and cyber dating had become his new best friends. Without them, he’d be miserable but with the new found ease, he was soaring.

When he had stumbled across that website, which listed all the beautiful women and their fetishes, he couldn’t believe his good fortune. At first, it astounded him that the world was a far bigger place than he assumed. It was huge and filled with all kinds of beautiful, kinky people.

He wasn’t alone.
His world opened up.

The idea that some females liked to play dress up, like him, was invigorating. They had the same likes and dislikes as he did, and they also needed that little extra to get off.

He was planning on taking it as a sign from above.

So, with this new found gift, he was going to use this site to make all of his sordid dreams come true. Before him was a sexy buffet of sin and debauchery, and he had the virtual keys to the kingdom.

It was a miracle!

As he picked the next woman who caught his eye, he carefully studied her information. Everything about her had to be just right, or he wouldn’t be able to get off. For years, he had weeded his way through a bevy of beauties, and while he’d tried with blondes and redheads, the brunette was a thing of beauty.

Everything about them reminded him of his past.

They turned him on.
From that day, it had to be a woman with sexy brown tresses.
Not bleached out.
Not dyed an unnatural color red.

No, it was the simplistically beautiful brown that did it for him.

He was a simple man, and when it came down to it, he wanted a woman who would fulfill the needs which were constantly building in him. While at one time he’d been able to go weeks, denying this twisted compulsion, now he couldn’t. It was getting harder and harder not to become greedy and lust driven.

He wanted them so damn bad that he could practically taste it. The sweet nectar of desire was forever forged on his taste buds, calling to him no matter where he went, or the time of day.

He was addicted to them.

It was his obsession.

Staring at the screen, he chose the one who he thought would be perfect for him--from her height, to the specific length of the gorgeous brown tresses. Then, like had become his ritual, he logged out of his personal profile and went to the bogus one he’d created on his tablet. Once his password was entered, all the familiar faces filled the screen, and he took a moment to relish each and every one of their sexy encounters.

One had liked to play doctor.

The other had enjoyed being a woman of the night.

The final date had wanted a holy encounter that she would never forget.

They accepted his gift of the ultimate fantasy, and in return, he did the same.

Until the final one.
She was different.

Each and every dalliance was amazing, but his final ‘date’ had touched a chord deep within him.

 During their sexy little dress-up, she muttered those fateful words, and oddly, he became enraged.
Never before had he felt that way. Normally, he was there for the moment of ecstasy, but this time so much more ebbed from him.

Her utterance angered and empowered him all at once.

Something about her calling him ‘Father’ had awakened something deep within him.
It showed him his calling.

Now, he was helpless to hide it again.

Pandora had let the evil out of the box, and honestly, he didn't want to stop. Maybe that made him sick, but there was no way he was going to let this go.

It felt too damn good.

He didn't want to stop, and there was no one who could make him. Where he hid the bodies, no one would find them. Plus, he was far superior with his computer skills.

He was unstoppable.
His newly formed mission in life was just taking off. He would focus on giving the lost the pleasure they so longingly searched for.
They would seek him out.
He was like the Messiah.
Sick giggles bubbled up, catching even him off guard. Yes, that was exactly what he was.

He was sin and salvation rolled into one.

Glancing down at his watch, he knew time was of the essence. He couldn’t wait to begin the entire process all over again. Reading his new prospective date’s profile, he checked out her stats.

She was the perfect height.
She wasn’t too tall or short.

Then there was her eye color. Momentarily, he pondered what turned him on, and if it really mattered. Ultimately, it didn't seem like a big deal. It wasn’t the color that drew him in, but the look of lust he found there.

Oh yeah, and the terror which would appear when he took their lives.

He laughed more, entertained at his own mental checklist. It was only the preliminary items. It was obvious what mattered most to him.

Her beautiful hair.
With this woman, her tresses were shorn to her shoulders and the perfect shade of brown. It brought back so many memories, and for a few seconds, he allowed himself to get lost in the fantasy.

Yes, he loved it.

Flipping through her sexy profile pictures, he found that she liked the same things that he did. Everything was there from her favorite food, to her religious preferences.


This was definitely the one.
In his heart, he already knew that they were about to embark on a beautiful journey as soul mates. She would be his, until he no longer had use for her. 

Getting out his pen and paper, he began scribbling out his first drafted message. Like her, it had to be perfect. Once they went on their date, he knew she would fulfill all his needs, both sexually and mentally.

But first, he had to lure her in.

The work was about to begin.
It was a fine line he was forced to traverse. It was one where he needed to pique her interest and make her want to find out more about the mystery man. There was no doubt that if he pushed too hard, it would scare her away.

Oh, he could see it in her eyes. She’d bolt like a terrified rabbit. Yeah, he didn't want that to happen. If she did, he’d lose the perfect catch and hours of work.

This woman was definitely the one and worthy of the effort.

She was smart.

After a few moments, when he was done composing his message, he cautiously typed it up. Reading it over and over, he wanted to make sure that, like her, it would be alluring.  

After a few minor tweaks, he typed it up and sent it on its merry way. Before long, he would get a response. She was already online for the day. It was only a matter of being patient.

Oh, there was no doubt she’d fall for it.
He knew his prey.
Then, it happened.

Hook. Line. Sinker.

 He calmly watched the little icon which showed whether she was interested or not. It took a few heart stopping minutes, but before long, it turned green.


She wanted him just like he desired her.
This was going to be perfect!
It was a match made in heaven, so to speak…

All that was left now was to wait for her return message, and then he would set up their date. Unable to hold back the impending nerves, he moved back to his laptop and began perusing the site from his other account.

He’d learned one major thing in his hunt; there had to be a backup plan, just in case she fell through his fingers. The odds were in his favor, and he didn't believe she would, but one never knew.
It could happen.

Then he grinned.

They were the same thoughts that he had for the last three women, too, and look how that all ended.

Yeah, this was in the bag.

He could count on the next victim to come though. It was a matter of time as he made her fall for him.
A picture was worth a million words, and his spoke volumes. Once he piqued her interest, she was as good as his.
This was going to be perfect.
He knew it.

How could it not be?

                           *    *    *

Two Weeks Later

He was getting frustrated.

The elusive one he wanted was playing games. First, she wanted his picture. Then, she needed more information. When she wanted to meet in a public place, surrounded by people, he believed he was out of luck. Taking her was going to be difficult enough, but with each new request to ensure her safety, it was getting increasingly harder.

Well, shit!

How could he take her if there was going to be an audience? When she foiled his plan, refusing to give him her home address, he didn't know what to do.

This one was hard.

She was making him jump through hoops. While it should piss him off, causing him to abort his plan, it became more like a game to him.
Ultimately, he decided to work for it. She had challenged him, once more proving that she was the one, and he liked that.

Deep down, it called to him.

If she wanted a game, he would give her just that.

Going online, he worked his magic and created another profile for the popular social media site she frequented. Using the tidbits she’d handed him, he made himself look completely different but alluring to her.

Then he friended her.

And was forced to wait some more.
Within hours of his bogus profile, she fell for it, accepting his request. That’s when he knew the game was afoot. He now had access to her place of work and itinerary, despite her insistence of keeping them a well-guarded secret.

Oh, little did she know that she had let the hungry fox into the hen house. It would ultimately be her downfall.

Now he was privy to it all.

There were pictures of her vacation.
Plans made with her friends.
It was official. He now knew everything about her, and in the game they were playing, this would definitely work to his advantage.

He was back on track.

Logging back into his bogus dating profile, he gave her everything she demanded.

The security.
The refuge.
The perceived safety.

Before long, she’d see him as a really decent guy who just liked to get his kink on. Once she trusted him, the trap door would slam shut, and this sexy little doe would be all his. 

Oh, he would meet her for the date. It wasn’t like she was going to tell anyone about their secret rendezvous. It was obvious that he had her.

It would be about stalking her to the place where she was her weakest and then striking.
Tomorrow, he’d begin watching and closing down her escape routes. He had time, so he might as well use it to his advantage.

This woman was his.

She didn't have a chance.

He was going to use her, and then place his brunette with the others. Once he won this game, her death wouldn’t be so easy.

She’s made him work hard.

So, now she’d have to do the same.
In playing cat and mouse, she baited a feral feline who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

After all, she wasn’t exactly chaste and without sin.

In the end, she would find release, and he would reap the rewards.

                           *    *    *

Across Vegas

They sat in the office working out their plans.

Everything they desperately wanted was close to fruition, and it would only take a little more time. 

Emma Croft was so close to being caught in their web, they could almost hear her screams.

Between them, there was almost a feeling of remorse for her. She, after all, wasn’t the big fish. Her husband, Greyson Croft, was the real problem, but there was only one way to take him down.

Through the woman he loved.

Maybe if he wasn’t so lovey dovey or doting on his woman, they wouldn’t have to use her. Instead, they saw the kink in his armor and had given him plenty of opportunities to change his ways.

It was time.

They wanted Vegas to be theirs, and he was standing in their way.  

Already they had warned him once, and he continued to run Vegas like it was meant to be clean. It was obvious that he needed to lose what he loved most in order to learn a valuable lesson. This was ‘Sin City’ and there were certain…expectations.

He was clueless, and now his wife would be the route to take him down.

“Is everything ready?”

The second person grinned wickedly. “Yes, he’s found a way in to get her.”

For the last few weeks, they had worked tirelessly to find a way to pull it off. Now, after months of Croft running the city, they had their one way into his life.

“What’s the plan?”

There was this nervous anticipation. If one thing went wrong, they were beyond screwed.

They were fucked.

“Word is that Randall Mason is having Emma Croft over in the next few days to play the piano for him. He bought that hour weeks ago, and she’s about to pay up.”
The one with all the power leaned back in the desk chair, feeling all hope ebb away.

“You are well aware that our guy can’t get to her inside that fortress. No one can get in! We've tried to eliminate him a few times and failed.”

There was laughter from the other side of the desk. “Oh, we can get our guy in.”

Hope began to return. “How?”

There was a sly grin. “What’s coming up on the social calendar?”

There was confusion. “I don’t know. What am I missing?”

This plan was so well constructed that bragging about it was nothing but pure pleasure. “We both know that Randall Mason is going to be hosting his ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ party. He throws it every year at this time. With his new Vegas show coming out with the same title, it’s going to be even bigger. I believe he’s been touting it as the biggest party ever! If you’re not invited, you’re a nobody in Vegas.”

Well, shit!

This was looking damn good.

There was copious laughter bubbling up as hope returned in full force. “Oh, you’re an evil genius.

 That free-for-all is the perfect cover to set up our plan.”

“Yes, I know. In fact, to make sure we pull it off, I managed to get us invites. It wasn’t hard. The old man didn't see it coming since we’re powerful in Vegas.”

Yeah, just not powerful enough…

“This is genius! I’m proud of you. This is perfect.”

“We’ll get our hired help in that night, and he’ll set it all up. Then, when the time is right, he can reenter the house when she’s playing for him. We’ll kill two birds with one stone. Randall Mason will die, power will be passed off to us, I mean you, and Emma Croft’s murder will take Greyson Croft to his knees.”

“I love it. I really think you've earned your place at my side. When I own Vegas, you’ll be incredibly rich.”

That was the plan.

“Thank you. I didn't doubt that you would see the beauty in its simplicity. This is going to be like taking candy from a baby. With all the costumes and production for the party, no one is going to notice him.”

There was a sense of relief.

This might actually work, ending Croft’s reign of lawfulness in Vegas once and for all.

“If she suffers, I’ll toss in a few bonuses for you.”

The laughter came again. While the money was nice, there were other reasons to take the old man down. “If you can get rid of Randall Mason, I’ll have my revenge. He thinks I've forgotten the years of hell he’s put me through. Well, it’s not going to happen. When he falls, I’ll take the money and be glad to do it too.”

“You’re vicious.”

“In Vegas, you have to be.”

Wasn’t that the truth?

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