Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fire Burns Hot Update

The proof was gone through and the corrections are made!

Now I just have to do a final read through! If I don't find anything, the book will be out for the weekend!

Everyone have a good day! I'm off to go read Deep Dark Mire (for enjoyment and to get back into the Elizabeth mindset) and then roll into Fire Burns Hot!

Today's a good day to curl up with a coffee, fuzzy blanket and a book!

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder!


Blog Book Tours, Book Release and Book Completion

Morning all!
Sitting here with my coffee and about to start my day.

I have a few things to get out there and make public to all my readers.
I'm going to be kicking off my Book Blog Tour next month. It's like a meet and greet, but all done via the internet and blogging site.
Since time is a commodity for me, I can't get out and do a bookstore tour yet. This is my next best option to getting out, talking to everyone and keeping you up to date about what's happening with my books and new series.
It's being hosted by Eternal Connections Book Blogging Tours. If you want to host please contact them, and they'll tell you all the details.
That being said, I'll be posting a listing of blogs and dates where I'll be popping up on the big ole' web.

One of the other things was that yesterday, some of you were victims of April Fool's Day pranking. I love that you all nearly went crazy with the emails and postings worried about me. If you missed it, here it is.
Morgan Kelley Update. I hope those of you that fell for it have recovered! My email nearly blew up! I was feeling the love.

Fire Burns Hot  should be released around Monday next week. I give this date tentatively, because any time I give a date, something happens. I'm aiming for Monday. Let's put it that way. I only have to sit down and do a final read through of the book to approve it.

So, tomorrow there's going to be a trivia question posted for a couple free kindle downloads of Fire Burns Hot. I may even offer up a free signed copy, if more people participate.

So here's the deal. Click on the little bottom on the left side of my blog that says Join this site, and then give the question I post. It'll be found in one of the books. If you've read them, then you'll know the answer.
Email me your 'official' answer to author.m.kelley@gmail.com, and I'll put all the correct answers in a pool and pick a few winners. I may do up to five free give aways, depending on how many people participate.

Lastly, Celestia's Fallling is done. Yes, you read that right. It's done. I finished the Epilogue this morning at three a.m. Now it gets printed out, proof read, details corrected and then off to Tammy for her read through and critique. As soon as I ship it off, I start adding details to Darkness of Truth (book 6) to get that one released this summer.

Lots of work on the horizon! Remember, keep checking back for Book Blog tour details!

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,