Monday, March 9, 2015

Sinner Reborn is here!

Happy Monday! I know!
I'm right there with you!

Maybe I can shed a little light on your morning. Sinner Reborn, the final book in the Carter Chronicles trilogy, is here! So, we're going to see what happens to Callie, Nate, and Luke.  (Plus all the people who love them too!)

You can get it here!

I'm so excited to release this book! I had a blast writing it. It's been a great ride with these books, and I'm happy to say that it isn't over. This trilogy was so popular, and I've had emails and messages from countless numbers of people to keep it going.
Well, I'm going to that!

Next year, in 2016, I'll be rolling out Oracle is Rising. It's the first book in the Phoenix Case files. It's going to be all about people with exceptional gifts. They're in trouble, and the team is going to keep Avalon's dream alive.

So, fear not!
You haven't seen the last of Callie, Quinn, Nate, Luke, and Maura..

I hope you enjoy :)

much love, mayhem, and murder,