Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Another new book!

Great news!!!!

Romance Under Arrest ~ Behind Closed Doors, the second book in the anthology, is up for pre-order.

It's scheduled to release on Black Friday!
So, if you follow this link here out to Amazon, you can have it sent right to your Kindle before anyone else!

I hope you all enjoy it!
As always, it was fun to write.

There are some new character stories in it. You're going to meet Avalon Miller (AKA- Oracle) Nate Carter will be meeting the woman of his dreams. Literally. This mini story is the prequel to Sinner Reborn (out this summer). I'm giving you a sneak peak at their relationship. You'll also get more Luke and Maura, plus everyone's favorites--the Blackhawks.

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Much love, mayhem, and murder,