Friday, July 5, 2013

Poor Deep Dark Mire...

My fourth book in the series is taking a beating.
The threesome.
Because I dared to step outside the box and give Elizabeth two men in her life, it's getting the crap kicked out of it. I get when people don't like threesomes, but it's fiction people. Take it with a grain of salt.
I don't personally see the issue. It's not cheap tawdry sex where I make the relationship crass or vile. It's about love between three people.
I also warned everyone. So, did they think I was kidding that there was going to be a threesome in book 4?

It's all so mind boggling, and I know I shouldn't let it bother me, but it does. I hate to see people say they can't read further, because I ruined the relationship.
NO. I've changed it. The relationship is still there between Ethan and Elizabeth, it's just stronger and shows that we can love more than one person in life.
When you read J.R.R Tolkien and he killed off characters in the book, did you stop reading? Or did you continue on and see what he had planned?
Fiction is just that. MADE UP works of literature meant to entertain you and make you live a fantasy you normally might not experience.

I don't plan on making excuses for my books. If you want a twosome, Emma and Greyson fit the bill, and so will Tori and Julian. If you want something outside the realm of same old romance, Elizabeth, Ethan and Callen are your heroes and heroines.

Maybe we should think back to what our mother's told us growing up. You should keep an open mind before being too judgmental.

For all you that love my novels, thank you for being supportive and trusting me to tell you a story that you'll enjoy. For those of you that freak out and quit...

You have no idea the fun you're missing.

Much love, Murder and Mayhem.