Sunday, September 29, 2013


Happy Sunday all!

I'm just popping in to tell you all how much I appreciate the reviews and emails for Devil Hath Come!
I'm super happy that you're all loving the new book as much as I do! Some have asked how I'll top it, and I'm already working on it in my mind. I will warn you, after talking with the team, book 8 Consumed by Wrath isn't going to be a drama fest. I need to clean up a few loose ends and get closure for all involved.

Devil Hath Come was an emotional rollercoaster, and we're going to give Elizabeth a little break.
NAH, we're not. She's going to work on the issues that popped up with the killer taking one of her men and a new conductor to the serial killer crazy train.  In the next installment, she's heading home. It's been over three years since she's been to Salem. Well, that's about to change. Home sweet home has never been such hell...

If you read the hook for the next book, you know what's coming...
Mmmmmmmmmmm... BBQ

I'll give you more details as the book unfolds. I begin writing it Tuesday. I really can't wait!!!
For those of you patiently waiting for the next Croft & Croft book, Christmas is Killing (book 3) will be out in November around Thanksgiving.

I'm excited a bout that one. Everyone on the team has fallen in love with it too. I hope you all love it!

Last but not least, Blood Red Rage (book 1) is off to proofing before Halloween. My team is excited to see what happens to the Littlemoons. I can't wait to write book 2. I already have it outlined in my head.

My team is having a dinner meeting in October sometime to go over next year's schedule. It's looking jam packed! As in 12 books in 14 months.
Yeah, holy crap!
I'll let you know as soon as we discuss it!

Enjoy your weekend!
I'm off to watch some football.

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,