Sunday, April 21, 2013

Thank you!

I saw the great reviews that are starting to come in on Amazon, and I greatly appreciate it!
Thank you!!!
Thank you!!!
Thank you!!!
If you haven't left one, please do! I need the input to have an idea on how long I should run the series. I don't want to keep it going if everyone's blasé about it. So, please... Tell me if you like it or not! I know one comment was too much sex. Do you agree? Disagree? 

I'm wrapping up Darkness of Truth (book 6) today, and then doing my final read through before it's ready for proofing in May. Starting next week, I'll be writing the sequel to Celestia's Falling.  I've already had emails regarding it, and that's terrific that everyone's excited already!

I hope you all have a really great Sunday!
Keep reading!
There's more Elizabeth, Ethan and Callen coming!
Plus Emma and Greyson are about to roll out in a couple weeks too!

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,