Sunday, January 19, 2014

Good Morning!

I woke up today to my first review of Consumed by Wrath and it made my day. For me, the only way I can tell if I'm doing a good job is if you post a review.
(Well, that and the emails you send me!)
I can't express my gratitude enough that you take the time to assure that i'll be able to keep writing in the future. I don't do it for money, or glory.
I do it because I love to tell a story.

This is who I am.
When you look deep into my life, I'm a bard at heart. Like Greyson, I was born in the wrong time. I would have loved nothing more than entertaining the king and his court with fanciful stories and tales.
Thank you for letting me live the dream.
I appreciate it so much.

Please, post a review. I know you may think that it doesn't matter, but it does. It matters to me. I love to know how you feel. Did I make you laugh, cry, or get angry?
Did I twang your heart strings?
Am I fighting hard to get these books out there for no reason?
I have a million questions that only you can answer.

Your reviews matter more than anything else.
Do I keep the story going?
Or do I wrap it up at book 10?

I need to know.
The publisher needs to know.
Please post a review so I can continue to give you the stories locked in my head. That review opens the next locked door, and keeps the stories coming. Not just for the new book, but the whole series. If you've read any of my works, please go back and post so other's can read your words.

Words have so much power.
They can build up or tear down.
I need your help. If you don't like the book, post it.
If you love it.
Post it.
Please help me keep all the characters you've come to love coming.

Thank you for your support and kind words.

I love you all for it.