The Carter Chronicles Trilogy

Welcome to my first trilogy! In it, we're going to meet Callista and Quinn. I'll even give you a little hint. It ties into the FBI series somehow...
Now, you need to figure out how...

Book One
March 2014

Book Two
Winter 2014

Book Three
June 2015


  1. Loved Callie and Quinn a big macho hunk and a hard headed loving women Quinn never had a chance hes the sheriff and shes the profiler trying to find peace there both running away from there pasts the humour between them made me laugh and at times brought tears to my eyes . The plot was clever and fast paced with plenty of twists and turns I wont spoil it for you but read and enjoy the FBI men are sexy and I'm sure the following books will include them well Morgan you have a winner here cant wait for the next book like the epilogue nice touch joining the books together with the FBI romance which are my favourites

    Hi Morgan just posted this review as you can see I loved it nice to learn more about Callie after meeting her in book 8 consumed by wrath .

    looking forward to the vampire books are there really a threesome I'm a big fan of them especially when it well written wow cant wait .
    I love the threesomes cant wait for the next Elizabeth Ethan Callan book .
    Thank you Marie

    1. Marie,
      Morning! Thank you for the kind words! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. The Sinner trilogy will eventually be a series. It's going to introduce Luke and Nate next, then it'll roll into a paranormal series that still touches on the FBI :)
      I can't tell you more, other than it'll be out in 2016

      The Dangerous series (Vampyres) is coming soon! July I believe. I hope you like it. There won't be a threesome in book one, since the characters are being introduced, but I promise that by book two, there will be some amazing stuff going on :)

      I'm writing the next FBI book right now. I'm about 1/5 of the way through Redemption is here. I hope you love it. I'm having fun writing it. Then again, I always do with Elizabeth. I want to be her when I grow up!

      If you like the threesomes, there's an anthology coming out in August. It's called Illegal Fantasies ~ Behind Closed Doors. It's going to be all the sex scenes and little stories pulled from my books. You could say the sex that was too spicy for the books!
      *wink wink*
      I hope you check it out. It's more a novella sized book, but it should keep you busy until the FBI book comes out in sept!

      You're the best!


  2. Hi Morgan
    Glad your making a series out of the sinner trilogy and bringing the paranormal into it yes I like it looking forward fist to reading Nats and Luke's stories .
    I cant wait for the FBI book yes I want to be Elizabeth too wow but I like the Native American feel of the books I so miss Timothy he was such a wonderful character glad you bring his spirit back into the stories and if they have more children will they name one after him .
    What with the above books and the sexy vampires and the anthologies I'm going to be down loading like mad cant wait wow wow wow .
    All the very best to you Marie