Friday, April 12, 2013

April Showers...

Bring days where I want to blow off work and bake cookies for the kids.
(maybe eat some too...)

Morning all! It's a chilly, wet day in Morganville. I've been up working and I'm in the mood to shut down the laptop and watch movies all day with the kids.
Maybe that's a sign I need a vacation.

Anyway, pushing forward... Doing the read though of Celestia's Falling in an effort to stay on track for the weekend. I'm taking a holiday in Salem MA in a few days, so I'm trying to wrap up everything that needs to be taken care of before hand.

This book is going off in three days, and before I leave I'll have done my detailing of Darkness of Truth.  I like to keep Tammy busy when I'm away... (Idle hands are the devil's workshop- that always makes me think of my granny!)

I had some great emails from you all! Thank you for reaching out to just tell me your opinion and ideas! I wish I could use some of them, but sadly, Elizabeth's journey already is written in the stars. But thank you!  I love how you all are taking an emotional investment in the characters!

I did receive an email from a disgruntled reader upset about the sex in the books. I'll address that here and now. (Once again!)

I'm sorry that you believe that my novels can be written without the graphic sex. This is why they're classified CONTEMPORARY ROMANCES. If you want romances that are less sex and more feeling, you can search for Christian Romance Novels and not have to deal with sex and language. Granted, I understand your perspective, but try and understand mine. If you read the book description on Amazon, BAM or Barnes and Nobel, you will see that it's tagged with a warning about graphic sex. I do that to appease the readers that don't want any surprises in their books.
Lastly, I'm the author and I like sex in my romances. I think it acts as a cohesive bond between the two (or three) characters. Since my name has to go on them, I stand by it.
Off my sex soap box and back to the grind!

This weekend I'll be posting a synopsis for Celestia's Falling.  Keep checking back!

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,