Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fear not!

Hi all!

A few of you have contacted me and left comments regarding Greyson and Curtis in Heaven is Weeping.

Is their family really destroyed?
Are Curtis and Greyson over?

Fear not. You're going to see more of the duo in the next book, Hell is Burning. I can promise you that they will be back together again in their father and son role, even though they seem broken. A lot is going to happen in that book, so get out your tissues, and be ready!

On another note...

I'm just about done with the next Littlemoon book, Truth is Found. It'll be out in October, so hang in there. I think you'll like it. We're going to be meeting Nyx Nightingale. She and Beau Christensen have a journey to take.

I hope you enjoy it :)

Off to finish working!

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