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Good morning!

Blessed day, my friends.

I hope you're all enjoying the newest Littlemoon book. Did it ease some of your worries? Did you read it and let out that breath that you've been holding since the last FBI book?

I hope so!
I'm just popping in before my spinal surgery on Tuesday to give you all an update of what's to come in the next few months.
I've just set up the pre-order for the next Oracle book. Oracle Haunting will pick up where the last book let off, but this time in Ireland. The team will be chasing a non-psychic killer for a change. It's going to prove to be even harder, since Oracle can't connect with the bad guy.

Oracle Haunting is now available for preorder here.
It will be released on July 7th, 2017. I hope you enjoy it. I loved writing Laird and Brianna's story. You can't base a book in Ireland and not have some spookiness of Irish Lore. Bring on the ghosts, the witches, and the Celtic spookiness!

May is my month off. I never release a book in May, simply because with mother's day everything is always chaos!

June is going to be Bonnie's return in Revenge has Come. If you don't remember Bonnie, head back in time and reread Slay Bells Ringing (12). You'll reacquaint yourself with Bonnie and Clyde. There's a grudge match coming, and Elizabeth is wearing the bull's-eye for this one.

Elizabeth is going to be recovering from her injury and that sexy pink cast. On top of that, her family is still splintered apart due to her and Chris's past relationship. We'll see her and Ethan fixing what they both broke, but will it be enough?

Bonnie is coming, and she's out for blood.

July, again, will be the Oracle book above. I really enjoyed writing it. For next year, I've switched up the order. The Oracle book will be out in February instead of January. I'm going to be doing the FBI double release in January. I like to start the year off right. :)

August will be the next Croft Book. I love those books because Greyson Croft reminds me of my husband. I married a caveman, and I'm a very lucky girl. He's been molded and made after the image of my sexy husband. In this book, we're going to be getting ready for Steele and Dante's wedding. We're also going to be going head to head against a killer who is so sick and twisted that it's going to rattle the family. In Paid Justice, you're going to start to get the backstory of Dimitri Gideon. His nightmares, his past, and everything that has made him the man he is today. In Paid Justice, someone in the family is going to die, and that's going to change everything.

August 4th 2017

But that's not all! I couldn't give you a book without Steele and Dante's wedding. I know some of my readers are uncomfortable with the M/M genre, and they don't want a gay sex scene in their books, so I've opted to do Steele and Dante's story in a separate Novella. It's going to give you the day before the wedding, the day of the wedding, and the honeymoon. The novella WILL have sex with Steele and Dante at the end. If you still want the novella, but don't want the gay sex, don't read the last ten pages after they get married. There will be lots of fun in the Novella. You'll get interaction again between Emma and Regina, the Croft boys behaving badly, and you'll meet Steele's brother, Ben. We found out about him in an early Croft book. Well, Steele has never known about him.

He does now.

So, in August, you'll be getting two times the Crofty goodness with Paid Justice and Wedding of Our Dreams.

The Novella will be out August 5th. The day after Paid Justice.

September will bring us back to the next Littlemoon book. In Lost Souls, we pick up where Kiss of Souls leaves off. We find out what happens to Beau and Nyx. We find out how the team is dealing with no Lena, and the haunted building from hell.

We also dive into Arsen and Willow's new relationship. Only, as I was wrapping Lost Souls, I couldn't leave it there. They had more story, and it's going to be intertwined with London Daniel's story. I hope you fall in love with them Arsen is coming into his psychic ability as he hunts for his real mother. In the process, he finds a lot more family than he bargained for.

Lost Souls will be out September 8th, 2017. It will be one hell of a ride.

October is a month of spookiness and thing that go bump on the night. Well, it's going to be the same for Elizabeth, Ethan, and Callen. As Elizabeth heads to Boston to be Jackson James' arm candy for a book event, she finds out that a killer there is just begging to be caught. Only, it reminds her of her past, and a case that she and Christopher Leonard handled when they were just starting out. This is going to be the three book arc. So, what happened in Discarded by Fate, will play out in the next two books.

Discarded by Fate will be out October 6th, 2017.
It will set up an interesting Storyline where we're going to eventually meet Jaxon and Jagger's 'Dead' father.

November will be a double release month. I know I said the anthology would be a surprise, but I had so many readers ask that I give them advance notice for budge reasons. So, I'm going to tell you that the first book in the new anthology will be Black Friday.

So, in November, you're going to have my newest series. I have the Hunter Trilogy coming out, and it's going to be about Dakota Rakin. Remember him? He's the US Marshal tasked with hunting down Bonnie. He's also a man from Elizabeth's past. Well, so many of you loved him and wanted his story, so you're going to get it. In November, you'll have his first book in the Hunter Trilogy, Atonement.

So, you'll have Dakota's story line on November 8th, 2017.

You'll meet him and two men who will be helping him clean up the streets of New Orleans. I can't tell you how he gets to this point, or it will ruin the storyline in Revenge has Come. After you read the FBI book in June, your question will be answered.

Out November 24th 2017

On Black Friday, you'll have an anthology to keep you entertained after your shopping is done, or if you're like me and don't go out into the crazy. This is the first in the Romance Anthology. They are short stories with all of your favorites. You know I give out clues to upcoming books, so if you like to try and figure out what's coming, you definitely want this anthology. There will be two more coming in 2018 and 2019. It's Good to be the Boss will rock your world.

December will round out the year, and it will be the final Vampyre book in the Harcourte series, Dangerous Destruction. Big changes are coming. They are going to have to make sacrifices to keep their children alive, and satisfy the bargain that they've made with Death. They are going to find the head of the Tueur and show him who owns New Orleans once and for all.

Now, I know a lot of people don't like vampire books, but I promise you these are not the normal vamps. Jolie and Jacques are old, but they get it. Flynn is human, and he's going to switch it up and make their lives take a whole new turn. There's the dead, there's humans, vamps, and then there's some demon-y sexiness thrown into the mix. If you like threesomes, you will like this series. Trust me. Have I lied to you yet?

Dangerous Destruction will be out December 8th, 2017

I'm spinning off the vamp series for all my readers who can't get enough of the threesome. If you love some paranormal fun, this will be another series you'll enjoy.

Well, that's it for 2017. It's been a wild year. I've laid out 14 book releases for all of you this year, and that's the most I've ever done. As always, thank you for reading my books, and following me on FB, Instagram, and Twitter. If you don't follow me, send me a request, and I'll add you. You never know what I'm going to say or do next.

Have a great Easter holiday, and I'll see you all after surgery in June!

Much love, mayhem, and murder,


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