Monday, August 5, 2013

And the countdown begins...

Hi all!
Just dropping in to update you on what's going on in my little world.

I'm wrapping up the final read through for Devil Hath Come (book 7). I'm about 270 pages in and that's the halfway point. It's going to be edited and then shipped off to proofing.

I'm also going to start the corrections on Christmas is Killing (book 3).

I'm in the home stretch for the year. I leave for Myrtle beach in three weeks, I'll be down there for about a month, so if anyone has any fun things that I NEED to see, drop me a comment or email.

When I return, I'll be starting up on the next two books that will be coming out in the beginning of the year. The next one in the FBI/Romance series is going to be entitled Consumed by Wrath (book 8). I'm aiming for around Valentines day or the end of Feb.
This book is going to deal with the fall out of Devil Hath Come. We're going to see how Elizabeth's life changes after the last book.
(I can't tell you more. Sorry. I don't want to start an uprising before the next book is even out!) I know there have been quite a few emails wondering if I'm going to kill Callen or Ethan off, and that's addressed in Devil Hath Come.
So, the Valentines day book will be dealing with the fall out of what has happened in their lives.

After that, I will be writing the next Croft & Croft book. Love is Bleeding (book 4). I'm going to mess with the lives of all the people in this one. It's going to either show us that love is stronger than anything in the world, or ultimately our downfall. AGAIN, for those of you that were freaked out by the threesome, I promise nothing that drastic in this series. I plan on pushing it a little, but no fears, Emma and Greyson are each other's one true love and that's not going to be played around with in this series. There will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever be a threesome in their future.
Soul mates and one and only one true love.

Cross my heart....

Also on the agenda for next year is the release of the Julian and Tori Littlemoon spin off series.
I also have another series in the works. It may only be a three book trilogy, but i'll know more by the summer.

Again, this ends my year, so thank you for a great run.

Here's my promise for next year.
I swear I will make you think.
I vow to make you feel.
and I will try to keep you entertained!

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,