Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Happy Hump day and Celstia re-release!

Morning everyone!
Happy Hump day from the beautiful beach. All the tourists have vacated and it's now just the locals. I still have two more weeks here, and am actually thinking of extending my vacation. (or moving here permanently) I really think I need to move out of the north and head south.
I'd like to say that I've been productive, but I really haven't.
On the work front, Celestia is Falling (book 1) has just been re-edited. It will be live again today, once I get it uploaded. Vegas is Dying (book 2) is now in the process of the tweaking it needs. So, if you have a first edition, give it a week and contact amazon customer service to manually push it through to you.
Devil Hath Come (book 7) is just about done. Tammy is doing the final read through and spoke to me last night. She's projecting it to be done this weekend. That means that I only need to read through it and it is ready to go on October 1st.
YAY! More Elizabeth, Ethan and Callen!

I'm currently reading through Christmas is Killing (book 3)  That one is going off to editing by the middle of this month. I would have been done with it by now, except sun and sand seem to have sidelined me. My children are beach bunnies... What can I say? (Yes, I just blamed them.)

I've been getting some great questions via email. I'm answering them as quickly as possible. Some are work related and some are personal. I'll post a few here today.

I love Elizabeth! She is strong and kicks ass! Please keep this series going for a long time! Do you do book clubs? My girlfriends have one and we would love to have you join us and tell us more about your books.

I love Elizabeth too. She is everything we all want to be. Who doesn't want to be tough, strong and be loved by a man (or two in this case) like she is? I tell everyone when I grow up that I want to be her too. (If I ever grow up, that is...)

I am intending to keep the series going, but again, it needs your help. If you haven't left a review on amazon, please do so. Publishers need feedback and so do I. When they see that people are taking a vested interest in a series, they want it to continue.

Okay, do I do book clubs. As a general rule, I don't. Not because I don't want to, but in order to put out as many books as I do in a year (10 last year) I'm really busy and can't take much down time. UNLESS, you're located near me. Then, absolutely. I just can't travel across the world for one, but if you're in my backyard, I'll do it. Drop me your details, and if I'm free, I'll do everything in my power to be there.

Are you really at the beach? If so, can I come steal an advanced copy of one of your books that you're working on? (P.S. I love your books. They're funny and so awesome. Thank you for Emma and Greyson. I love the alpha male!)

This question made me laugh, and look over my shoulder while I was on the beach. If you can find me, I'll gladly give you my proof copy and I'll sign it. As for am I at the beach, I'll give you proof.

If you can figure out where I am, you're better at solving things than Elizabeth...  My only clue is that it's the southern part of the USA. Happy hunting!

Back to work for me!
Again, thank you for the questions and the giggles. I love hearing from you all!

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,