Friday, September 4, 2015

Hell is Burning

Morning all!

Today is the day!
The second to the last book in the Croft & Croft series is here!

I know I've received a lot of emails and comments about what happens next, and you're about to find out.
In Heaven is Weeping, we left Greyson in a mess. His inner circle was falling apart, Randall Mason was dead, and Dominic Marianna wanted his head on a silver platter.
Curtis left.

It shocked all of you, and now you're going to see the fall out over the next two books. In Hell is Burning, you'll see the personal mayhem that Greyson's choices has caused.

In Justice is Dead (Out next year) you'll see the conclusion of this journey. Fear not! It won't be over. Greyson and Emma have a long story to tell, but they needed a little change of venue.

Well, it's coming.

I hope you all enjoy the story, and buckle up. It's going to be one hell of a ride from here on out. Trust me.
You didn't see this coming...

Much love, mayhem, and murder...


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