Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Morning all! Updates and the normal BS.

It's been a chaotic week here!

Vegas is Dying and Christmas is Killing are done. I've passed them off to be proofed, and I can now settle in to work on Devil Hath Come.

I'll be tied up with that the next few weeks.
I need to get Ethan, Elizabeth and Callen cleaned up before editing. I still have some details to add and then off she goes.
I'll be answering the question that I keep getting in emails. "Is she killing Callen or Ethan?"

In fact, I received an email today, and since it's started a firestorm on Amazon, I'll address it.

I just saw on amazon that your books contain incest. Is that true?

Lori, I am appalled that that reader even stated that, especially since she stopped reading at book 3 and didn't get to a single threesome. I knew when I wrote this series, I would get some flak, but I didn't think anyone would call it incest. I clearly do not have any contact during sex between Callen and Ethan. They don't engage in intercourse unless Elizabeth is there. I think that the woman that is all stirred up needs a dictionary and a review of what the word actually means.

In order for it to be incest,  the brothers would have to have contact in a sexual nature and I don't go there. It's taboo, and too far over the line for me to cross. They are simply two men that love Elizabeth with all their hearts and happen to be half brothers.

The woman never even read the threesome scenes, so how she can call them inscestuous is beyond me. I think she saw threesome and got her panties in a bunch. Which is fine, since my books aren't for everyone, but they ARE NOT INCEST. She also claims that I stole her money and tricked her.
Again, I tag the threesome books as containing them, I left a letter in the book description for The Killing Times that stated it wasn't going to be cookie cutter and can someone have more than one true love.
She stated she became suspicious. Well, yeah. THAT was my plan. I wanted the reader to see it coming in book 2 and ultimately 3. It's not my fault that she stopped at book three in a panic, and also that she bought the books without doing the research. You don't buy a car without checking it out, or shop for a doctor. All she needed to do was read the book descriptions. I know when I buy a series, I buy one  book at a time.
Now, she claims I wasted her time, well, now she's wasting mine. I've had to reply to her ridiculous claims on amazon and now give it time here.

On a good note, I had fallen off amazon's top 100, and now I'm back. I'm sure there are people out there that see the train wreck review and now have to see what's going on with the books.
People are curious by nature.
So, Reviewer that called my books 'inscestuous threesomes'
Thank you, You actually helped spread Elizabeth, Ethan and Callen through the world.

People are going to be offended by my books, and I stand on the premise that my job is to make you think and feel. It's not always going to be to my benefit. She said she liked the books until that part, well then she indeed received her money's worth- after all, she read them. (and I had a few returns, so she most likely got her money back)

Back to work!
I'm now four hours behind since I had to deal with insanity.

Much love, Mayhem and Murder,