Thursday, March 9, 2017


Hey all!
Long time no post!

I'm popping in to give you an update. I'm going on an early hiatus starting April 1st to have another spinal surgery.
That's the bad news...for me.
The good news?
All the books are off being edited or proofed, and this year is right on schedule.
If you're my friend on FB, you know that I dropped a huge surprise for this August. Not only will you be getting Paid Justice, the third Croft mob book, but you're getting a second book that month. I'll be releasing a novella for all of you who want Dante and Steele's wedding story.
The book will be over 200 pages, and it will have all the details.


Here is the cover.

SO, if you're squeamish about the sexy man on man action, skip the novella. Just read the book.  There will be no m/m sex in the Croft book, Paid Justice

I've had many people ask me if there was going to be a special wedding book, and I didn't think I could pull it off, but somehow, I managed to get it done.

So, for August, you'll have two books, taking this year's book total to 13 releases. My lucky number!

Now more good news!!!! TOMORROW is a book release! Lost Justice, the next Croft mob book will be available. Check back in tomorrow for the links, head on out to Amazon or click here to get your copy!