Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hello! Hello!

Morning all!

I hope you're enjoying the newest FBI release! Thank you to everyone who leaves reviews. I greatly appreciate it. It's how I know if I'm doing my job, and how Amazon knows I'm doing my job. Each one is precious to me. The more reviews a book gets, the better chance there is of it being picked up for a TV series, a Netflix series, or the NYT bestseller list. 

Those are on my bucket list. Who doesn't want to see Elizabeth come to life on TV? We all know that would be mayhem. 

Anyway, A few of my readers asked for a more personal book about the Blackhawks. You know, more of their downtime, what they are like without the badges on, and I've found a way to do that. 
Yes, ask and ye shall receive. 
So, I added a book to next year's schedule. If you are an FBI fan, you're in luck. I'm going to be delivering a special Valentine's Day book just for you. It will still be the Blackhawks behaving badly, but with a twist. 
I can't share the details, since I don't write it until September, but it's plotted out, and I love it already. I can't wait!!!
The cover just came back from being created, and here it is!

Valentine's Day 2018

Again, it's not going to be the normal FBI book. There will be none of the lab or forensics you've come to see in my other books. This is going to be a personal look into what happens when Elizabeth takes a holiday. 
Can she?
Or will the normal antics ensue?

When you read Discarded by Fate in October, you'll understand why and how she's going to get away. 

Next year will have 5 FBI books in the rotation. Will this be a constant? No. This extra book is a special treat for my readers from me to you. 

Also, since some of you have asked, here is the latest book release order as follows.

Oracle Haunting (Oracle) July
Paid Justice (Croft) Aug
Wedding of our Dreams: Steele and Dante (Croft wedding Novella 1) Aug
Lost Souls (Littlemoon) Sept
Discarded by Fate (FBI) Oct
Atonement (Hunter Trilogy 1) November
It’s Good to be the Boss (Romance Anthology 1) surprise release
Dangerous Destruction (Harcourte) Dec
Dawn of Evil (FBI) Jan 2018 flashback 3
Dead are Forgotten (FBI) Jan 2018
Oracle Hunting (Oracle) Feb 2018
Love Knows No Bounds (FBI) Valentine’s Day 2018
True Justice (Croft/FBI crossover) March 2018
Found Curses (Littlemoon) April

Enjoy your day!

Much love, mayhem, and murder,