Friday, March 22, 2013

Another day, another murder...

Morning all!

Happy Friday!

The weekend is here and there's a bunch of things on my agenda.
 Fire Burns Hot is going to it's final read-through, and baring any horrific issues, it will continue onto the final process before release.
Then it's a break from Elizabeth, Ethan and Callen for a few months. Book six in the series is written, Darkness of Truth but won't be shipped off for editing until May or June. I have some 'Blackhawk' downtime going on to focus on other projects. I'm on a time crunch, since I'm losing part of August and most of September to vacation. I'll be bringing my laptop and tablet to work when it's raining at the beach.

Today I'm neck deep in the next book coming out, and I'm excited. It's running smoothly (and I just jinxed myself-watch and see.) and I'm enjoying everything about it.
The cover is done and ready to go and for me that's a huge deal. Covers are the first impression of the book and matter a great deal.

I'm excited and enjoying the process of this book immensely. My bestest girl liked the cover and gave me the okay, so I'm thrilled to have that part of it all wrapped up.
Right now the book is in the detail process.

When I write a novel, I get out the stripped down version and on my first read-through, I put in all the details of the sex scenes, the descriptions and any other tidbits I feel it needs. I'm working on that  job right now.

Celestia's Falling is bare bones at 266 pages. I'm thirty pages in and already added lots of details. Will this book be as big as the others? Probably not.
I'm hoping to end in the 400 page neighborhood. Essentially, I'm doubling the book in details and scenes. Sometimes it happens and sometimes Tammy (my proofer) goes nuts and strips it back down.

It's a craps shoot.

Needless to say, I hope you all have a really great weekend! Be safe keep on emailing me and reading!!!!!!

Much Love, Murder and Mayhem.