Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happy Sunday all!

I'm just coming up for air from writing, and I figured I should blog something since it's been a week.
First, I apologize for being a slacker. I have emails to return, blogs to write and a book to wrap all today.
Sometimes I need three more hours a day.

Here's what's going on in Morgan-land. I'm about to wrap Christmas is Killing (book 3) in the Croft & Croft series.
Yeah, Christmas. It's not easy to write a Christmas themed book in June while you're sitting by the air conditioner.
Needless to say, I'm wrapping it tomorrow morning. Today was the deadline, but with kids out for the summer and other distractions, I didn't get it done on time. One week wasn't feasible to put out 440 pages. I need that one extra day, so I'm taking it.
Once finished, I have a final read through of Vegas is Dying (book 2). Once that's done, it's going off to Tammy to proof for me.
When am I releasing it?
No idea. Maybe July or possibly August before I leave for vacation.

Next up for me? I have to work on Devil Hath Come (book 7) in the FBI/Romance series. The cover is done, the concept is thought out, and now it's just a matter of having it completely finished before August 1st.
THEN.... (Drumroll please) I'm done for the year! YAY!
Okay, not writing. I have 4 more books to do for the spring, but I can kick back and take my time. Julian and Tori are going to have 2 books out by Easter. Elizabeth had one more for around valentines day, and then we have the mega novel for Emma, Greyson and the FBI Characters. I'm going to put them all in one book, so if by spring you haven't read the 3 Croft & Croft books, you'll need to in order to understand the story line.
I can't wait for that one.
What happens when badass Elizabeth Blackhawk runs into more demure Emma Croft?
Oh the possibilities.
Someone asked me if I was actually going to put out a mega mega novel.
I plan on it. It'll be almost 700 + pages. YES there'll be a lot more sex, so if you're anti-sex, skip the pages and move through the book. If you love the sex, well then i'm going to make a lot of you happy.
Anyway, that's it from my world. I'll post more this week when I have a moment to breathe. I'm so busy that I've not even taken my mother or Tammy's calls.
Yeah, that's pretty damn busy!

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Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,