Monday, July 8, 2013

Clean up and re-edit.

Hi all!

Just popping in to tell you all that all of the FBI/Romance series is going back in for an edit and reproofing. There were some conversion issues, and grammatical issues that needed to be taken care of before I leave for hiatus.

Vegas is Dying (Book 2) is on schedule for a release at the end of July. So far we look to be on track, but as we get closer to the date, I'll let you know.

Christmas is Killing (Book 3) is heading off to Tammy next week to get it's first read through. It won't be released until the day after Thanksgiving, so hang in there.

Devil Hath Come (Book 7) is going to be detailed in 2 weeks, and should be ready for proofing by August 20th. It's slotted for an October 1st release.

Thank you all for contacting me this week and asking all your great questions! I will try and get back to each email as quickly as possible! Also the feedback is welcome and helps me make the books more enjoyable for everyone.

I did have some great questions that I'm going to address here.

When you get a bad review, how do you deal with it?

I try to remember that everyone isn't always going to like my books. If it's related to something that is grammatical, I never get mad. Much like many things in life, I'm a work in progress and there is always room to learn. I don't have the luxury of a giant publishing house behind me, so the small team that does my editing and proofing works very hard.
People make mistakes, and it's a part of life.
When I get an email that tells me that there is grammatical issues, I work very hard to fix them or have someone on the team do it. I strive to put out every book perfectly, but things happen. Sometimes it's out of my control, like with kindle formatting. It can come across all messed up, or certain words don't translate correctly. I just fix it and move on.
NOW- when it comes to criticism on a direction I took the characters or story, that I don't take well. Since it's my story to tell, I really have final say. Will everyone like Ethan, Callen and Elizabeth having a sexual relationship? No. Does that make me wish I never went there? No. I love my characters and want them to come across how I saw them in my head. When they get trashed, it wounds, but I keep moving forward.
It is what it is...

Do you have a career outside writing?

Other than being a wife and mother, no. I work full time at home as a writer. This is my profession. There are days I'm glad that I'm home all day, and others not so much...

Thank you all for your emails and correspondence. I appreciate each and every one of you!

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,

PS. I was just interviewed today for our local paper. I can't wait to ship it off to my parents on July 30th when it comes out. And my father thought killing wasn't lucrative...