Thursday, September 8, 2016

Forbidden secrets is coming!!!

Hi all!
Greeting from my stay-cation! Sorry I haven't been around all that much, but I've been trying to rest my eyes and hands as far from a laptop as possible. I'll be back to work around October 4th. Then it'll be time to write the next Croft book!
I can't wait.
Until then...

Forbidden Secrets releases tomorrow, but right now, the paperback version is out. You can find it here.

Tomorrow you will have the new Littlemoon book if you preordered on Kindle. I hope you like it! I love Everhart Rose and Lennox Easton. They were fun. I hope you think so too!

So, head on over to Amazon and reserve your copy today! And as always...Leave a review! It makes an author happy! Happy authors write more books!

See you tomorrow for release day.

Much love, mayhem, and murder,