Friday, November 6, 2015

Slay Bells Ring!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

I know I'm a little bit early, but today kicks off my holiday season! Slay Bells Ring, my holiday book is here!
I love this time of the year.
I love it even more when I get to share a book with all of you. This year, it happens to be an FBI book.

We all know Elizabeth, Ethan, and Callen are near and dear to me, but I have to say that this book is special. It's kicking off the beginning of something new for the team. In February, there will be a two part book released.

Now, don't panic.

I didn't decide to switch over to some serial novel where I make you wait months to get resolution. Book 13, Past will Haunt is a flashback book. You're going to meet Elizabeth before Ethan, Ethan before Lyzee, and Gabe and Livy at the beginning.

We're going to revisit the case that made Elizabeth who she is today.
That's part 1. It's a little shorter than my normal books. I think it's around 450 pages, but together, i believe it's over 1000 pages.

Then, two days later, I'm releasing book 14, Choices will Destroy and you're going to come back to present time as all of their choices from 15 years ago come back to haunt them.

I can't say much, because it's hush hush, but there are BIG changes coming. I let the story tell itself, and this is the direction it took me. Like when Elizabeth decided to have Callen join their relationship, this felt right.
Now, don't worry.
It's not sex related. Elizabeth isn't picking up any more men, the men aren't getting any babes, it's simply a twist to the story that I felt was needed. It's a new day for the Blackhawks at the end of book 14.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

If you haven't gotten your copy of Slay Bells Ring, it's right here! 

I hope you enjoy it, and as always..

Happy Holidays!
Much love, mayhem, and murder,


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