Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spin off series

As I sit here, I'm working on plotting my spin off from the FBI Thrillers. I still can't believe it came together this easily. It honestly happened  out of the blue. I gave life to two characters beginning in book three True Love Lost  and book four Deep Dark Mire  and poof! Julian Littlemoon and Special Agent Victoria Christensen were born and destined to be together.

When I created them, I only intended to have them be a storyline. I never thought they'd explode into their own series.
Well they have, because I fell in love with them too. I think if you're going to write a million plus words about a couple, you have to enjoy them and be in crazy mad love.

 As I finish Darkness in Truth  (book 6) this week, I'll begin their own series of books starting with Stolen by Moonlight (book 1). The story line is already bouncing around in my mind. Now I have to make them as much fun as Ethan, Elizabeth and Callen.

I'm going to attempt to have three books in the series out by Christmas. If there's nothing I hate more it is picking up a book, reading it, and the sequel is not out for nine more months. That's beyond frustrating!

Also as a note of mourning. I've killed off a character from the FBI series this week too. It was a hard decision, but back in December I just knew I had to do it.
This person had to die.
I hope the readers forgive me!

Much Love, Murder and Mayhem.