Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Hey, all!

I've just finished writing the next Croft book, and I thought i'd pop in to say hi! It was a fast five days, and it's done! So, in February, you'll have this book!

I had so much fun writing it. In it, you'll meet Dimitri's happily ever after! Yes, he finally gets his girl, and she won't be blown up like Natasha. I swear.

I just posted a video on my FB page if you want more secrets :)
I gave you a breakdown of what's coming.

So, how was the latest book? Did Discarded by Fate get your blood pumping? I really hope it answered a lot of the questions that were left at the end of the Bonnie book.

Thank you all for making it a best seller here and in the UK. It the Amazon bestseller list in both countries, and that makes me so darn happy! I want Elizabeth all over the world!

I'm off today, and then detailing True Justice. Then I roll right into the follow-up Croft book.
I hope you have a good week, leave me some reviews so I can tell if I'm doing what I should, and go watch my video. Sorry that I didn't wear makeup.
It's my day off.
Then again, I never wear makeup. HAHAHAHAHHA

Much love, mayhem, and murder...