Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Morning all!

Greetings from vacation land.

Ahhhhh, it's finally here. So, what am I doing on my vacation?
I'm up at two in the morning and working.

Apparently, I'm a few bricks short of a full load. I couldn't sleep, so I decided to not waste the time (that and it's wrong to wake two kids up at two a.m. to play a rousing game of candy land and monopoly.)
Instead, I opted to read my email. (always fun and bittersweet). So, here are a couple that I'll share with you...

I love your books, especially the FBI series. I can't get enough of Callen, Ethan and Elizabeth, but now I have a big problem. I'm done with the books and find myself pacing the house waiting for the next one.
What can I do?
~ Liberty.

Okay, well, you can email me at two in the morning and maybe we can play scrabble, or you can read the Croft & Croft books that are out. I promise that there's another coming, but not until October 1st. It seems like a long way off, but I swear it will be here soon enough. I'll be posting the synopsis in a couple of weeks.
I won't torture you all too long :)

I read that you're starting a new series. Can you drop the deets?

By deets, I hope you mean details, or I'm going to look old and so out of it....
I am starting a new series, and if you read a few blog entries back, you'll find out more. I'm spinning off Julian and Tori Littlemoon into their own private investigator series.
In fact, I'm halfway done with the book. It should be finished by the end of this month. (Again, while I'm on vacation... Yeah, I know.)
So, to keep you apprised, I'll have the FBI/Romance series, The Croft & Croft adventure series, The Littlemoon Investigation series and The 'Blood' series.
Yes, all going at one time.
I'm crazy like that.

I just found out that you write under M. Kelley, is that true? What books do you have coming out under that pen name?

I do write under M. Kelley. My paranormal books are under that penname. I don't promote it, because the publisher that did my first book in 2009 for that series still owns the rights. Once I retain them back again and Black Cauldron Publishing gets them, that book will be out on kindle. (2016) It's a way off yet, but books 2-4 are on kindle right now. The plans are in the works to rerelease,  reedited and get them new covers.

I also have a trilogy in the works for another paranormal series. That first book is just about done and will headline the release, probably next year....

I love your blog. Like your writing, it's full of humor. You must be funny. Do you post all the questions that you get asked in email or do you pick and choose?

Thank you! As to the funny part, that's debatable. My friends think I'm funny. My son (4 years old) thinks I am, but my husband and preteen daughter don't... Go figure. As for the emails, I do post MOST of them. If someone sends me hate mail (yeah, I get it believe it or not) then I don't post them. I refuse to give people that are mean and cruel any attention.
I also don't post my prison love letters. They're too sexually explicit... (Me attempting humor. Again, husband not laughing.)

Thank you all for the questions, I'll keep answering them while I'm getting some sun on the beach. (if it stops raining...)

Back to work, er... I mean vacation.

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,