Friday, May 3, 2013

Almost the weekend!

My most favorite day of the week is Friday.
Pretty much because I'm off duty with school and kids, but also because during the spring and summer months, we burn wood and sit on the patio after dark.
It's my quiet time for the week.
When I sit down outside, I began plotting my next couple of books. I know you're thinking, "You write for a living, isn't it always quiet in your head?"

(Insert laughter and comment about the voices here.)

I spend all day having inner dialog with myself, or should I say with my characters. When I'm writing, I'm having the discussion along with them. I'm laughing at Elizabeth's comments, or gauging how pushy and bossy I should make Greyson Croft.
When I sit out by the fire, I'm silent. The thinking stops and all I do is let the ideas come to me.
I get asked a lot what my process is for writing a book, and I generally don't have a valid answer.

I sit, I write, I create.

But Fridays... They're special and the truth behind it all. They are my process. I keep that little moment precious and only for me.
During the winter months, I take an hour or so before bed to contemplate what's next by staring aimlessly into the fireplace, letting my mind go lax. Rarely venture out on a Friday, and this is why. I treasure those moments of 'ME' time. In a day filled with kids, running around, writing and stressing, I allow myself a few moments to relax and be thoughtful of what's ahead.

I look forward to May Day, solely for this reason.
Happy Spring everyone!

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,