Monday, May 6, 2013

Celestia is Falling...

I just approved the final release, it should be out sometime tonight! (Midnight my time.)

I hope you all enjoy!

I'll post the links here as soon as it's available!

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So many Emails and so little time...

My email box overfloweth.
I love hearing from each and everyone of you daily!

Here's the couple emails I promised you...

What's the major difference between your two series?

I get this question a great deal. When I wrote the FBI/Romance series, it took on a life of it's own after Sacred Burial Grounds.  Since I only have Celestia is Falling completed (It's the first book in the series) I can't really give you too many details. In my head, I know where I'm taking it, but what happens is usually out of my control. It takes on a life of it's own. For now, here's what I can say. In the FBI/Romance series, obviously there is Elizabeth, Ethan and Callen. In the Croft & Croft series, there's ONLY going to be Emma and Greyson. I've done the threesome twist, and I won't repeat it. It was a one shot deal for me, and I don't want to copy the other series. While you may see the Blackhawks cross over into the Croft & Croft series, the new books are their own story.

When I created FBI West, it was with the premise that I was making a center hub to play lots of different novels out of it. Ethan and Elizabeth Blackhawk are the TOP of the food chain there, but they have other people under them we haven't met. Callen Whitefox is Director of Native American Affairs, but we also have other offices that report to them. I'm sure in the new series, they may pop up, when they're needed.

The other major difference is the characters. Ethan is the 'Boss' in the office. Elizabeth may be the more vocal, but if you noticed, she refers to him as the boss and backs down when it comes to office things. That's not her specialty. He's the rules and regs guy. Elizabeth is the fine details person. They just happen to balance out perfectly. He is king of the profilers, and she's the best at solving the mystery.
Emma and Greyson are a whole other ballgame. I can't go into too many details, since the book isn't out until tomorrow, but by the end, they won't both be on the same playing field. Let's just leave it at that. He's FBI to the core, and she's never been an agent and never will be. That's the tension that's going to keep popping up. Local law hates the Feds and here she is stuck between two worlds.
What's a girl to do?
Then you also have the main point of Greyson being old school, dominant, possessive and the jealous type. Where he wouldn't work with Elizabeth, he meshes with Emma. Elizabeth needed a man that would sit back, observe and let her drive the bus when it was time. Emma isn't Elizabeth. She's quieter and actually likes that Greyson is emotionally leading the way in their lives.
Ethan is more refined, likes the expensive suits and being the 'mysterious'.
Greyson was Army and doesn't mind getting down and dirty. He's not a rules guy, but he's tough and bossy. (He's a male Elizabeth- I guess.)

Elizabeth would fight non-stop with Greyson and clash, but Emma, they fit perfectly. (Or so I hope you think so when you read the book!) I try to make each and every character unique to the story. If all I did was make my heroines ass kicking tough women, it would get boring to write and read. When I switch it up, it makes it fun.
Almost like real life. We're all different and bring something new to the table.

Emma is:
doesn't curse
easy going
Vegetarian and worried about Greyson's health
more patient
has some inner demons that haunt her
likes a tough, bossy partner in life and love.

Elizabeth is
Controlled and calm under pressure
bad ass and not afraid to take a life
loves her bacon and cow.
short tempered
has the inner demons, but isn't haunted. She chases them.
is in love with both men equally and has two soul mates.

These are just a few differences. Once you read Celestia is Falling, you'll see what I mean. They are vastly different but still make excellent characters to fall in love with.
(Or so I hope.)

Why don't you just write one series? Elizabeth is so awesome you could put out ten books a year on just her and her life.

The problem with that is it gets boring for me the writer. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE ELIZABETH, but think of it this way, if all you read every day was the same two characters over and over, wouldn't you get tired of it?
The three of them are so much fun to write, but now and again I need a mental break from it all. I find that with a new series. It makes me think, keeps it fun and most importantly it stays FRESH. Elizabeth makes me laugh all the time. I'll be typing and crack up while working, but it takes a great deal of focus to reach that level with every book.

Now, let's address the 10 books a year thing. That made my brain hurt. Someone once suggested I cut each of my books in half and make more money. Most books in E format are 200 pages. I've seen authors luring people in with NOVELLAS and calling them books, in hopes of scamming more money out of them in the end. You buy book one, its 200 pages. They have a big story line and then cut it off to volume 2, and then same thing at page 400 for volume 3. That's crappy to do to a reader. I'd rather charge $3.99 for +500 pages than 2.99 for 200 pages three times. That pisses people off and makes them want to run you over with their cars. (or so I hear.)

I can't humanly put out 10 novels every year at 500 + pages a clip. One, I'll burn out and the quality will drop and two, my proofer has a life of her own and she doesn't want to be tied to my hip 24/7.
Right now I'm at 6 FBI/Romance novels in one year, and that's likely where it'll stay. Three for Elizabeth and three for Emma and they'll alternate back and forth.
Most publishers allow 2 books a year. Every six months, and that's why I'm no longer with a publisher. It frustrates people to have to wait 6 months to get the next book. I like to have one out every other month at the most.

I hope that answered your question!

Whew! That's a long one!  Now I have to outline the next book, production starts this week on Vegas is Dying  (book 2).

Keep the emails coming!
I promise to keep answering them!

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,