Monday, March 4, 2013

As per an email request. Book list

Today I woke to three emails asking for a complete list of my books in order.
I have them listed on my website, but here they are again.

Stand alone Romance/Thrillers

The Junction

Serial Sins- This one is still available on Amazon, but with a different publisher I will be retaining      the ownership rights in January 2014 and it will be made available on Kindle and new book format.

Celestia's Falling  - out spring 2013

Romance/FBI series

The Killing Times (book 1)
Sacred Burial Grounds (book 2)
True Love Lost (book 3)
Deep Dark Mire (book 4)
Fire Burns Hot (book 5) - This one is with my proofer right now and will b released around the end of March or first week of April.
Darkness of Truth (book 6) - This one is being currently written and slotted to be completed late next week. Projected release is slotted for May or June.
Home Sweet Evil (book 7)-  This one is in outline phase and will be out early fall or Halloween, before I take a break for the holidays.

The Blood Series

The Blood Betrayal- This is book 1 in the vampyre series and the publishing rights aren't mine until 2016. At that time it will be re-released in new cover and kindle version.
The Blood Redemption (book 2)
The Blood Vengeance (book 3)
The Blood Retribution (book 4)
The Blood Seduction (book 5) - due out in the fall. September-ish
The Blood Sacrifice (book 6) Christmas release date.

There is a spin off series in the works for this year too. It's going to branch off from the Romance/FBI series.

The Private Investigator Series

Stolen by Moonlight- (book 1).

Magickal series trilogy.

Dark Elements - Book one - To be released in September.

Thank you for sending your emails! I love hearing from everyone and promise I will email you back, even if it's to just say thank you!

Murder and Love,