Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Romance... Thriller... Romance.... Thriller

Where to even begin? Nothing is more frustrating as a writer when you get a review that makes no sense.
Today I was actually told my novel was a good mystery, but too much sex. If the person wanted a romance, they would have bought one...

Okay, let's address why this confuses me. If you read the description on amazon on all of my books, you'll find two things. 1) They are called ROMANCES. It's right there in bold print. 2) there is a disclaimer at the bottom of the description that warns you of the sexual content. I am simply put, a romance author. My books have a thriller twist, but for the most part are a ROMANCE.

Hmmmm....  For the life of me, this is befuddling. I'm frustrated as a writer on how I can be more clear on this detail. Don't get me wrong. I appreciate that it was called a good book, and a good mystery, but as a writer I'm here to please you the reader. I want every experience to be a fun one, and worthy of the hours it takes to read the book.

So how do I do it?
How do I make it perfectly clear that my books are first and foremost romances? I'm a romantic at heart and believe in the magic of love.

Can someone answer this for me?