Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Oracle Rising

Morning all!

Just popping in to update you on my newest project.
Oracle Rising is on it's merry way. I'm about 190 pages into the book, and will be wrapping it up Saturday morning.
I'm excited.
I hope you are too!
We're going to meet Juliett and Rhett. Normally, characters we meet in my books become part of the team, but these two won't be. In this series, you're going to see Avalon, Nate, Maura, Luke, and Jagger helping people just like Oracle. That's their mission. So, you'll see a fast romance blossom between people, and then they're on their way.
This is new for me. I usually get attached to the characters, and I'm not saying i won't for this series, but the first book is going to be a little different.

By now, you've probably read Sinner Reborn.
How was it? I hope you enjoyed it. It was one of my favorite books to write. I love Avalon. She's unique, quirky, and you can't help but love her.
After you've read it, please leave a review on Amazon.com. Show me the love :)

Well, back to the grind. I have a deadline to meet, and then I'm on hiatus through the summer. I have lots of work coming up, and there's no rest for the wicked!

Much love, mayhem,and murder,