Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Greetings from Morganland!
I'm happy to say that I'm one day out from finishing the sequel to Celestia is Falling. I should have Vegas is Dying (book 2) finished by tomorrow night. That means it'll be going to Tammy for read through in the next ten days of so. I still have to do my thing with it and make sure all the details are in and perfect.
I'm excited, because it was fun to give Emma and Greyson a life together.
If you've read Celestia is Falling (book 1) you know that the hero in the book is a throwback to a time long gone. He's a man's man, bossy and possessive. Well, you put him in Vegas, and a whole lot of Greyson comes to the surface. (That's all I'll say for now...)
Emma has moved into her new career (Again, not spilling the beans...) and their lives have taken a whole new path together.
I think everyone will enjoy the second book in the series. I'm having one heck of a time writing it!

Now, as for the next book in the FBI/Romance Series. Darkness of Truth (book 6). It's done with the final proof read. I'm getting it back today, and I'll do all the fixes and corrections this weekend. By next week, it'll be off to proof and going for it's final read through. That means we're looking at the first or second week of June, depending on scheduling. I'll be traveling next week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and Tammy is off for the Memorial week. So, we'll have to see where we fall into the schedule. I will say, she had told me this is her new favorite book. For a while, it was Sacred Burial Grounds (book 2) and I finally managed to wow her and dethrone that from her all time favorite list.
I hope you all feel the same. It's wrapping up a lot of loose ends that have happened over the last three books or so. We see the conclusion of Julian and Tori's story, and we also find out whatever happened to Doctor Desdemona Adare.
She's had it in for Callen Whitefox since the day he broke off their engagement and moved on to Elizabeth. Well, she's back and boy... does she have one hell of a plan to break the man that broke her.
I've tossed in a few twists, turns and surprises. So, look for Darkness of Truth to be out in about three to four weeks. If I can make a miracle happen and get it out earlier, you know I will.
Starting next week, when I'm back home, I'll be writing book three in the Croft & Croft Adventure series. Christmas is Killing (book 3) won't be out until November fifteenth, or around there. That's slotted to be the last book of the year for Emma and Greyson.
I'll have one more for Elizabeth, Callen and Ethan too. Devil Hath Come (book 7) due out in time for Halloween. I've decided to pick a creepy cover, and I hope you all like it!.

Look for my Blog tour to begin on the 16th right here. Then there's a listing on my blog of all the other sites during the week that will have interviews, posts, reviews etc. on the entire FBI/Romance series.
There's an interview with Callen and Ethan too. I found it charming and fun to watch unfold.
Everyone have a really great day!

Keep reading, so I can keep killing!

Much love, Mayhem and Murder,