Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I've been MIA, but I'm back!

Good Morning!

I apologize for not blogging the last two days, I've been neck deep in work and personal life and couldn't spare a single moment!
But here I am now!

I have some updates for all my readers. Celestia is Falling (book 1) had had a little name change, only because it fits better into the series of books following it. I decided to lose the apostrophe 's' and toss in the word 'is', instead. Other than that, it's the same book.
For those of you anxiously anticipating the release, I can tell you that tomorrow I should receive the proof hard copy, and the final read through begins. Tammy will get her copy on Friday and we should have a book release in about two weeks.
I'm looking forward to this book coming out for a few reasons. One- It's a change from Elizabeth, Ethan and Callen. Not that I don't LOVE them, but it's nice to switch up the mind every now and again to some new material. Two- I really fell in love with Greyson and Emma. Their love story is sweet and reminds me of my own life. (minus the killing and dead bodies!) Girl meets boy, girl and boy date short time, girl and boy fall hopelessly in love and stay together for a very long time! (happily ever after)
So, I really hope you all love them as much as I do!

Next up on the agenda, is Darkness of Truth (book 6). I've finished detailing it and I'm working on a read through. It goes to Tammy around May 10th for first edit. So we're looking at the release around the middle of June sometime. I found myself laughing quite a bit in this book. If it entertains me the writer, I hope it makes y'all giggle too. Elizabeth, Callen and Ethan have formed a very tight unit, almost unbreakable. Unfortunately, someone from their past is about to rear her head and shake the family up. Callen's heart is about to take a major blow.
I enjoyed writing about Julian and Tori too. I've slotted a series for them and a book by winter, but it may have to be pushed back until January, only because I have a pretty heavy book schedule and not a lot of time to get it done. If I want to roll out Home Sweet Evil (book 7) in the FBI/Romance series, Vegas is Dead (book 2) and Christmas is Killing (book 3) in the Croft & Croft Adventures, I may need to sacrifice Julian and Tori's book until 2014. In my head, I still believe it's doable. Unfortunately, on looks improbable.
We'll have to see!

Possibly this weekend, I'll release the book back cover for Darkness of Truth (book 6). I've had a few emails from readers that finished Fire Burns Hot (book 5) and are 'dying' to know what happens next.
If I get it done, I'll give you all a sneak peek.

I had great email questions this week!
I'll post a few tomorrow in my blog. Thank you all for purchasing my books this week, emailing me your questions, and reading my blog!

I appreciate it!

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Much love, Mayhem and Murder!