Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Another one!

Happy very early morning!
I'm just waking up, making some coffee, and getting ready to detail the new FBI flashback book for July, but I was alerted by Amazon that my newest pre-order, All the King's Henchmen, is available for preorder!

I really loved writing this book. You'll get some resolution from the previous books, and I've left breadcrumbs for the next few books to come. Can you find them?

Get your copy reserved. June will be here sooner than we expect!

You can get it here.

Available June 8th, 2018

This book contains adult content, violence, language, and sexy Natives behaving badly,(m/f/m sex scenes).

Book 24 in the Erotic series.
He’s the leader of the free world.
He’s also their worst nightmare.
President Damian Dean has made their lives a living hell. He hates Ethan, he wants Elizabeth, and nothing will stop him from getting what his ultimate goal
Except for his death…
Without warning, on a huge celebratory night in DC, someone has taken out the President of the United States. All the while, under the Secret Services’ watchful eyes.
But who?
With a race against the clock, a reluctant Elizabeth, and her team, must find the killer, do the right thing, and prove that just because you’re president doesn’t mean you get a free pass in life.
At rape.
At murder.
This presidency is like none before it. It’s fraught with lies and secrets—dangerous ones that just might get them killed. They are so vile, that someone is going out of their way to keep them hidden.
All the King’s Henchmen are coming, and they have one thing in mind. They are going to protect one hell of a cover-up.

At all costs.

I hope you all enjoy it!!!!

If you haven't left reviews for the new Croft books, please do so! When deciding what books will be out next year, i go by this year's reviews. That's why Oracle was not found in the book rotation for 2018.  If you want to see your favorite books, you need to let me know! Drop a short review! 

Pretty please?

Happy reading, all. I'm going back to work!

Much love, mayhem, and murder,