Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Christmas is Killing...

Hi all!
Happy morning to you all!
I'm here with my coffee and I thought I would pop in for an update.

Christmas is Killing is just about done. It is being edited and proofed at the same time, and all I need to do is my final read through. Unfortunately, I'm the one holding this one up.
Right now, I'm balancing three books at once. Christmas is Killing (3), Blood Red Rage (1) and Consumed by Wrath (8).
I had hoped to release Christmas is Killing by November 1st, but it's not going to happen. It will most likely be out by the middle of November. My original date was the 15th, and that's where it's likely to stay.

Today I received an email, and I thought I would share it with you.
It was pertinent, so here it goes.

You mentioned that you're almost done with the next book in the FBI series. Will you be releasing it early? I loved Devil Hath Come. It was your finest work yet! Each book gets better and better.
Thank you,

First of all, I love the spelling of your name. Had I thought about it, that would have been how I spelled my pen name! Okay, onto the question. I am working on Consumed by Wrath. In fact, it's more than halfway done. I started it last week, and should be finishing it Friday.
I have good news and bad news.
The good: I love it.
The bad: It's not getting released until Valentine's Day 2014 (possibly Feb 1st.)
Sorry! Even if it's cleaned up and ready to go, it's going to stay on track.
My book schedule is already set. I haven't posted it, because it still has to be finalized. I'm hoping to meet my team for dinner and go over the dates. Next year is looking like a big one, if I can pull it off. I think when we sat down to work it out, it was something like 12 books in 14 months, starting with this month's release.
If I can pull it off, it will be a miracle, but mostly the pressure falls on my team. I can write a book in 10 days and back to back, but they have to read, edit and proof them.

Again, sorry!
Keep in mind, I'm not leaving you empty handed. In November you'll have Christmas is Killing, and early January you'll have Blood Red Rage. That's the one I'm looking forward to, personally. I love Tori and Julian. I fell in love with them when I wrote book 4, 5 and 6. Thus the reason they get their own series.
So, fear not, you shall have reading to keep you busy!
I promise.

Well, back to the grind.
Have a good week!

Keep reading and reviewing!

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,