Friday, January 31, 2014

Sexy little shorts

Well, as promised, here's the covers for the new anthologies. So far, there's three.
Will there be more?
I'm guessing that's going to be up to you guys.
If you fall in love with them and want more, I'll make it happen. You know I live to please!

Well, here they are...

What do you think?

Remember, these aren't full stories, but short little anthologies with all your favorite characters. Elizabeth, Ethan and Callen
Emma and Greyson
Tori and Julian
Vivian and Justin
Callista and Quinton
Jolie, Jacques, and Flynn
If you want just sexy little shorts, these books are for you.

Book one
August 2014
Book two
December 2014
Book three
February 2015

 I hope you enjoy them when they come out, and remember, they're basically erotica. I get asked a lot about how far the characters go in the bedroom, and do I pull some of the sexiness out.
Yeah, I do.
Not everyone likes sex. (I can't believe I just wrote that down...)
For those who are curious, I'm putting it out there. If you don't like sex scenes, PLEASE don't buy this book. It's going to be marketed as erotica, so as with most of my books, read at your own risk.

Now, for those of you asking 'who the heck is Callista Carter and Jolie Harcourte'?
Fear not. Their books come out before these anthologies.

Sinner Repent (book 1)- March
Dangerous Revelations (book 1) June
Dangerous Choices (book 2) August 1 st

You'll have plenty of time to read them before the sex fest begins.

Have a really great day!
Drop me a message and let me know how you like the covers, and keep reviewing!!!!!

Much Love, Mayhem, and in the case of these books, kinkiness!