Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy Thursday!

Tomorrow is release day for Pledging to Die!
You should have it on your kindles when you wake up! If you didn't order, I'll post the link here.

Someone left a message about the order to read my books, and it never even occured to me to put the timeline down for you. The series can be read one at a time, or you can mix them together at certain points.

I'll post my reply to the message, so you can see where you can add the other series in.

Start with the FBI Series.

The Killing Times
Sacred Burial Grounds
True Love Lost
Deep Dark Mire
Fire Burns Hot
Darkness of Truth

(Now you can start the Littlemoon books--Tori and Julian have had their story)-- Blood Red Rage, Lost & Broken, Unthinkable Games, Truth is Found- 

(You can start to add in the Carter Chronicles any time after here. You'll Meet Callista Gaines and her story will run parallel.)--Sinner Repent

Devil Hath Come 

Consumed by Wrath

Redemption is Here 
Dead Shall Speak  (Add more of the Carter Chronicle--Sinner Realized and Sinner Reborn)
Pledging To Die 
(Now you can add in the Croft & Croft Series) --Celestia is Falling, Vegas is Dying, Christmas is Killing, Love is Bleeding, Heaven is Weeping, Hell is Burning--

Slay Bells Ring-- 
(Oracle series --Must be read after the Carter Chronicle Series)

Past Will Haunt

Choices will Destroy 

The Dangerous Series (It's my paranormal Vamp series can be read at any time. It doesn't cross over like the other 4 book series. It's like no vamp series you've ever read before! )

I hope this helps. They don't have to be read in this order. You can read one whole series, and then the next, as long as you read the FBI series first. That's the back bone of all my books :)

Have a nice 4th of July everyone!

Don't forget to leave lots of reviews!!!!!

Much love, mayhem, and murder, Morgan