Friday, April 19, 2013

Morning all!

Going to ask a favor!
If you read the FBI Series with Ethan, Elizabeth and Callen, can you post a review on Amazon?
Tell me what you thought about it there and maybe others will be inspired to fall in love with them too!

I get all your great emails, but sharing your thoughts on Amazon will spread the word further! WE LOVE ELIZABETH! Now go out and share with all the others who have yet to fall for her charm, charisma and sense of sarcasm.

More questions coming tomorrow! I'm deep in the bowels of Darkness of Truth (book 6). I spoke to Tammy yesterday, and Celestia's Falling (book 1) is fairly clean and will be out before we know it!
I hope you all love Emma and Greyson as much as you cherish Elizabeth, Ethan and Callen!

Much love, Mayhem and Murder