Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy Middle of the week!

Good morning!
It's a beautiful day in the northeast part of the states, (well, I think it is. It's three in the morning...) and I'm a very happy girl.

Why you ask?

Someone has just finished the detail add to Sinner Repent (book 1). Yes, it took me a week, but I just finished it. The covers are also done for the trilogy, Sinner Repent, Sinner Realized, and Sinner Reborn. All three Carter Chronicle Romance Mysteries are on their way! I hope you'll enjoy them. The first one will be out in March, the second in August, and the last around Christmas next year. I had fun working on the first one, and the next two should be just as exciting.

For those of you that get freaked out by the threesome aspect, fear not, this is a straight romance with nothing to make you uncomfortable. You'll also see how this trilogy will tie into the FBI series, with mention of Ethan and Elizabeth Blackhawk.
Yes, it's all built around the world of FBI West.

Today, I'm starting my final read through of Christmas is Killing (book 3) for the Croft & Croft series. It should take me until Friday, and then I'm off for the weekend. On Monday, I begin my first read through of Blood Red Rage (book 1) of the Littlemoon series.

Which brings me to the questions that have been landing in my inbox.

I read that you're doing the Littlemoon series. Will we get to see more with Julian's twin, Justin? I want to know more about him and his past too! I love how your characters are all tied together so well! Keep killing!

Tandy, thank you for the email!
To answer your question, yes, in Blood Red Rage, you will get more Justin. Since this is 'Littlemoon Investigations' you're going to get an insight into all the Littlemoon's lives. Julian and Tori own the agency, but Justin works there. In book one, you meet the love of his life, and how they come together as a couple, to find the person 'taking' women for his collection.
Since we already have Julian and Tori's backstories, I decided to focus on Justin first. (I do get a lot of emails about him, believe it or not! Him and Dante from the Croft & Croft series!) Book two- Lost & Broken will focus on Christina and Kane. Remember them? You have to think back to Darkness of Truth. We're going to see what happened to them, and if they were able to have a relationship. It should be interesting.

How do you come up with all these stories? I love how each one is so completely different. When I read the last bit at the end of Devil Hath Come, I had to read it twice. Are you really doing a cannibal killer?

Well, I honestly don't know how I pull it off sometimes. If I told you my process, you'd think I was nuts. Really. For the Littlemoon series, I saw the book cover and wrote the stories around them. For the FBI series, it was all done around the painting that I did of Chief Blackhawk. He sits above my fireplace. Croft & Croft was done after I smudged my house with sage. (I told you...) The Carter Chronicles came to me while I was out running. I don't like to use the same killing twice. At some point, I'll have to repeat them. You can only kill someone so many ways before you redo it, but until then, I've got a few more things to go.

As to the cannibal, I'm not doing one. I've already done it. The book is finished and will be getting all the details added over Christmas. So, buckle in, and if you're squeamish, all the better. I have the next two FBI books plotted out, so 9 and 10 will be different killings too.

Thank you for not killing off Ethan. Had you done it, I wouldn't have continued reading the series. I did love that you made us sit on the edge of our seats. Will this experience change him? Also, are you glad you went with a threesome for this series? Or do you sometimes regret it?

You aren't the first one to tell me you would have hunted me down. My proofer, Rachel, said something similar, as did about one hundred emails that I've gotten. I won't ever kill off Ethan, Elizabeth or Callen in a book, UNLESS I'm ending the series. As far as I'm concerned, they're all integral to the storyline. Despite what some people think, they are the true loves of their lives. Ethan can't live without Lyzee, she can't live without Callen or Ethan, and the brothers have a bond that is unbreakable. I liken it to the perfect man, split in two. Callen is the lighter more funny one, and Ethan is the reliable more stable one. Well, until the end of Devil Hath Come. It's all up in the air for Consumed By Wrath (Book 8).

Ethan has a bumpy road back to his life. How could you not? You can't get abducted and tortured, and not stumble. If there weren't issues, the books wouldn't feel real. You're going to see him going to therapy, struggling to hold his marriage and family together, and dealing with anger he can't let go of.
In fact, pay attention to the shrink in Consumed by Wrath (book 8). She's the lead character in the Carter Chronicles, Sinner Repent (book 1). It's where you get your first peek at Dr. Callista Carter- Gaines.
Life is going to change, and you the reader are going to watch it happen.

I was warned before I wrote the threesome into the series. If I did it right, it would be amazing. If I didn't, the series was going to be a flop. Fortunately for me, I managed to hit just the right notes, tie in the Native traditions, and pull it off. A threesome can go from tolerable to trashy in a heartbeat. When people slam Deep Dark Mire, it's not because of the sex scenes, it's usually because they can't believe that you can have more than one true love in your life. That's what trips them up. I'm very glad I went with the threesome. I wouldn't change a damn thing. I don't regret having them be a couple. I think that I gave the reader enough time to adjust (3 books) before it happened, and I gave them 3 more books to watch their romance unfold. Now, it just seems like it's always been that way.
I am more than pleased with how came out.
I love them.

Thank you for the questions!
Keep them coming!

The team is about to start working on Blood Red Rage in November, and I can't wait for it to roll out in January. It's going to be fun! (or so I hope!)

Keep reading, emailing and reviewing!
I love hearing from you all!
Off to work!

Much Love, Mayhem, and Murder,