Monday, April 15, 2013

One of th possible Celestia is Falling back covers

Happy Monday Mourning!
In my opinion, the worst day of the week! I always feel like I'm three days behind on Monday, even if I'm not!
I'm almost done with Celestia is Falling. I'm doing my final read-through and it get's sent off today or tomorrow morning. So, like I promised here's a possible back cover to the book. I have three, so I'm not saying this is the one, but it's a candidate.
Anyway, for everyone dying to know what the book is about, it'll give you a basic idea.

Celestia is Falling; (Book one)

In life there are few constants.
We're born.
We die.
And we all have secrets.
Emma Starling is no different. She's on the run and trying to escape the murder of her brother, and the death she chased on the Philadelphia streets that stained her soul. To make it out alive and wash away the blood on her hands, she's forced herself into self imposed exile . Nothing matters now but keeping her sanity and patching up her life.  
Celestia is her new found sanctuary and the best part? No one thinks about murder in the sleepy utopia. That is until a serial killer comes to town, targeting the women he deems guilty of the oldest sin. 
What's a skittish sheriff to do?
Nothing less than call in the FBI before it gets out of hand.

Greyson Croft comes to Celestia on the trail of his own serial killer, and what he finds is something he never expected.
Love at first sight.
Now he has only one chance to keep his woman alive. If the killer doesn't get her, he has a chance of catching her himself.
Love conquers all, but can it beat back a homicidal maniac bent on Celestia Falling?

Tomorrow I'll answer some of your questions that I've received this weekend via email!
Have a really great day and keep reading!
Much Love, Mayhem and Murder.