Friday, September 15, 2017

Checking in!

Howdy, all!

How's the reading going?
I hope you're enjoying Lost Souls, and ready for next month's FBI release, Discarded by Fate. It's going to be here before we know it. Time is moving so fast, and the fall is upon us.

I'm finally back to work, the kids are back in the swing of things for school, and we're all things pumpkin spice and Halloween.

I love fall.

Well, there's a lot coming up the next few months. October we have the FBI book, and that's going to follow up after Bonnie's return. The family is upside down, and a mess. What's happening next? You'll find out. The next three books in the FBI series are an arc. You'll start off with Elizabeth chasing a crazy in Discarded by Fate, you'll flashback to her younger days where they cross paths in Dawn of Evil, and that storyline will wrap with Dead are Forgotten.

I can't wait!

I love me some Blackhawks.

In November, we have the new series coming at you. Dakota Rakin has a spin off, and I haven't decided if it'll be a trilogy or a series. I'm going to let you all decide. When you leave your reviews for Atonement, make sure you tell me series or trilogy! I love your feedback.

Also in November, we have the newest Anthology coming out. It'll have all of your favorite characters behaving badly. It's Good to be the Boss will be a fast, fun read, and it'll be on your kindles for Black Friday. I don't shop, but I do like something to keep me busy the day after Thanksgiving.
As always, I give some secrets away in that book.
I just can't help myself.

In December, I'm wrapping up the vampyre series. There's a spin off coming after Dangerous Destruction. Who will live and who will die?
You'll find out that first week of December.

After that, there's two FBI books in January, and a special Valentine's Day edition in February on the 14th. I like to pack as much Blackhawk into the mix as possible, and Love has no Bounds will be a fun look at their lives. Will there be some mystery?
Will it be a bloody free for all?
This is different than I've ever written for them, and I hope you enjoy it!

Also that month is the next Croft book, True Justice. It's a Croft/FBI crossover. So you're going to get even more Elizabeth behaving badly--this time in Vegas.
What could possibly go wrong?
Poor Ethan.

I hope you enjoy them as much as my team has, and I hope that you keep reading. I have more planned for the rest of 2018! It's going to be a fun year.

Dangerous Destruction is out for preorder here. If you think you don't like vamps, let me reassure you that you've never met vamps like them. It's not your normal vampyre novel. I promise.

Happy reading, and get some pumpkin spice.
Tis the season!

Much love, mayhem, and murder,