Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hey all!

Just stopping in to update you on what's happening in Morgan's world.

I'm almost 2/3 of the way through the next Littlemoon book, and I'm enjoying it! It's always fun to switch it up between books and heroines. You have Elizabeth Blackhawk, who is very in your face, and then Emma Croft, who is all about her man. Then you pop into Tori Littlemoon's world, and you have that tough woman on the outside, but that vulnerability inside.

It's non-stop fun.

I truly love my job and am blessed.

So, what's going on in the Morgan front? Well, today I was approached by a publisher, asking to carry my books. They made me promises of increased sales, more people recognizing my name, and an a team of people to help with my books. They wanted to rebrand me, make me important, and help me reach my potential.

I turned them down.
I think, that in this day and age, with so many Indie authors out there, they expected me to jump on the bandwagon.
Well, that's first and foremost, not my style.
Secondly, I don't do this for the money. I do it because i believe everyone has that one thing they're good at, and mine is storytelling.
Lastly, what turned me off so much is how they said I would make more money.

How? By jacking up my prices from 3.99 to 9.99 a book.
They would then take their percent off the top, and i would get rich.

No thank you.

I don't do this to get rich. I know i keep saying this, and it's like the more i put it out there, the more the universe tries to test me. Plain and simple, I do this because the voices in my head need their story to be told. I'm a firm believer that I'd rather have enough to get by than more than i need with all the problems that go with it.

Somethings matter more than money.
Like people.

Speaking of which...

I have an excellent team. Rachel is funny, she keeps me grounded, and she's become more than someone who reads my work. She's my friend.
I feel the same about Laura. She's smart, sweet, and a genuinely good person. In a world where people will sell you out, I'd rather have people i like working with me than money. I have a roof over my head, a vehicle that runs, my family is healthy, and i am happy.

Too many times, authors sell their souls for a price that's going to cost them more in the end. This is a tough gig, and to survive in the book market, you have to have a thick skin, know who to trust, and keep writing.

So, know that i appreciate each and every one of you.
I love your dedication and how you are my fan base. I wouldn't trade you for a six figure book deal, or some flashy title on my book covers. No, I'm not a NYTimes best selling author, and one day...who knows. I may meet that milestone too, but for now...

Amazon Best seller will have to do.

Much Love, Mayhem, and Murder,