Thursday, June 25, 2015

Next week...

Morning all!

Greetings from my vacation!

I just popped in to say hi, and to remind you that there's a book release next week!
The day before the holiday, Pledging to Die will be out. I can't wait for you to read it! I've started the journey between Broderick Seaton and Johanna Madden. You're going to get to read about their romance.
It's a rocky one!
But as always, it'll work out in the end. You'll see their happy ever after in Slay Bells Ring. Nothing says Christmas like murder!

I'm back from hiatus at the end of July, so I'll be diving back into writing. The first book up will be Past will Haunt (13). It's a smaller book, but it'll give you an insight into Lyzee's life before Ethan Blackhawk. We're going back in time for Gabe and Livy's story. We're going to meet a young Elizabeth who is just starting out as a Fed, and her partner Livy. The Boston Butcher is running amuck, and they have to stop him.

I get asked all the time to write that book, so I'm giving you their past, and their present in one month. I'll be releasing that book around Valentine's Day, and the followup book two days later. So, you won't have to wait 6 months to find out what happens. In Choices shall Destroy (14) you're going to see what happens when you break the rules.
Karma is a bitch.
And no one is immune, including Elizabeth Blackhawk.

After that, I'll be working on the final Croft & Croft Book Justice is Dead   I'm wrapping that series, and spinning it off into something darker, more dangerous, and Bruce Wayne-esque. Think fallen Fed with lots of money, and a need to find justice for those who fall under the wheels of justice.

I can't wait to start that series.

I hope you're all enjoying your summer!

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If you haven't left a review for Sinner Reborn, please pop on out to Amazon and do it! I need to know how you liked the final book. I've written Oracle Rising, and i have time to adjust it if you all hated it!

Much love, Mayhem, and Murder,