Saturday, April 13, 2013

Update on the next book

I've had a slew of emails this weekend already regarding my next book. Celestia is Falling will be out in a few weeks. It's not part of the FBI series, and will stand alone as book one in it's own coming series of books. It is a romantic thriller. I'll be posting the synopsis for the back cover tomorrow!

As for the Elizabeth, Callen and Ethan's books- They have one slotted for summer. I know you want them all right now, but I can't keep up!!!  I promise you'll all find out what's going on in their lives in Darkness of Truth (Book 6)  At 500+ pages each book, it takes me a couple of weeks to get the book out. Bear with me! 190,000 words isn't a 40 hour job, but I love (and appreciate) your enthusiasm about it!

Keep coming back to the blog to get the details on my upcoming Blog tour! It's fast approaching!
I believe there's 11-13 different Blog venues slotted for the schedule. It should be a blast!

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder.