Monday, April 1, 2013

As per your MANY email requests

Yesterday on KC Cavanaugh's Blog, there was a big discussion over my upcoming new release, and the fact I don't give out too many details before hand. Well, today I'm going to spill my guts, as requested! Here's the official front cover and a brief synopsis.

I hope you're all looking forward to it's release as much as I am!

Fire Burns Hot (book 5)

In Fire Burns Hot, we continue the story of Ethan, Elizabeth and Callen, but are introduced to two more characters trying to find each other and love.
Julian Littlemoon likes women without baggage. He lives life carefree and to the fullest. Then on that fateful day, he meets Special Agent Victoria Christensen and everything changes. Not only does he fall hard, but he'd do anything to heal her broken spirit- no matter what the cost.
Tori Christensen is an ex-Army soldier, haunted by one moment that changed her life forever. She managed to dodge Julian once before, but this time she's fighting the truth that chases her. Facing him on her turf should be easy, but Julian complicates everything in her well-ordered life.
Now they're working together again, trying to find a serial arsonist with the propensity for killing strippers just to watch them burn. Partnered up with her boss, Elizabeth Blackhawk, Tori has to stay one step ahead or she just might be the next woman going up in smoke.

Sometimes love is forever, and sometimes it's just until the flame goes out…

I'll share Celestia's Falling when we get closer to it's release.

I'm also going to be giving away 2 free Kindle e-books to two lucky readers on the day of Fire Burns Hot  releases. There's going to be a trivia question, and the all the correct answers will be going in for a drawing!

Stay tuned for the release and the prizes!!!!

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder