Thursday, August 1, 2013

New favorite email of all time!!!!!

I know I post quite a few questions here, but I had to show you all this one. I LOVE when I get interaction with the readers. It's fun to see how you all view the characters in the books.
I often wonder if anyone sees them the way I did when I created them, of if it's just my vision of them.
Well, I've gotten good emails, bad ones, and one from all over the world. This week I received one from Johannesburg, South Africa. I love that my books have traveled the world.

NOW... If they'd just take me with them!

But NEVER have I received one that made me laugh this hard! I absolutely loved it. As you can imagine, every time I get an email, I get that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Will it be good? Or will I be getting slammed? Getting feedback is like everyone else's job in life. Its akin to your boss walking in to you and telling you how you've done.
Great Job!
Ehhhh didn't like the characters hooking up.
You're immoral and you're peddling incest. (YES, believe it or not, that was comments from two individuals that hated the Callen and Elizabeth union)
Anyway, I'm accustomed to being slammed pretty hard for books 4-6 of the series. After a while, you just let it go. (Unless there's name calling... That doesn't go over well) But when I logged into my Goodreads account I found this:

subject:Blackhawk FBI series Craziness lol
message:Hello Ms. Kelley-

I have started reading your series here the past few days and I like many others really got into it until the Callen/ Adare romance. I was so upset how this character (DR. Adare)was treated and just kept yelling and cussing at my Kindle and trying to figure out why you as a writer thought it was warranted to write a story like that. I mean I know it is fiction and all but just for shits and giggles what made you go there like you did? I can see the threesome thing working to a point. I just want to know why you felt the need to totally destroy a character like that? lol I think the only next best thing would be for Ethan to fall for someone else and leave or possibly open the circle to another female. AS crazy as it sounds and you are probably tongue lashing me right now; it just seems that Elizabeth needs to get her just karma for the way she basically lured Callen away from having his own great love like her and Ethan. I really feel Callen needs to have his own family that he created on his own. Also when is the Dr. Adare gonna come back into it? lol I can't wait for that!!!!! I am loving the series but just felt really compelled to write you. I just can't get to sleep tonight thinking about this. It is just so far out in left field and unbelievable how this can coexist in the FBI I know I know it's fiction but it's just too hard to grasp for me and I am sure for many others when you are reading about FBI cases granted it's just a story it's just

Keep up the great work and if it has to be so unbelievable please keep bringing on the chaos!!!!! Elizabeth needs to be brought down a few pegs!!!! lol ... please


I love how full of fire she is! What many people don't realize is that my job is to make you think and feel. I obviously did just that with this person, and I'm glad. I could easily write the same old book over and over again, and call it fun, but is it? Is it worth your time if I don't make you question it or think about it?

Yes, some books are meant to be easy reads, but mine aren't. I want you to think, analyze and dwell  on it. I want you to get mad, feel love and weep along with them. Will you always love my characters? Hell no! But will you think about it?
YES! That's why I'm here. I don't do this for the money. If I did, I'd write the same old diluted crap over and over again, charge you more money and call it a day. I am trying to make you think and wonder 'what if' and that's my goal.
With the FBI series, it's the threesome.
With Croft and Croft, it's how dominant and bossy Greyson is and how much can Emma take before even she snaps.

Which brings me to one more thing. Tammy just told me yesterday that my Christmas book may offend some people. Specifically Christians. Here's the deal. It wasn't my intent. One of the suspects in the book is a minister who loves God very much. He's going to have a powerful reaction, as are the other main characters. I'm not making a political or religious statement.
In fact, I was raised in a very strict Christian home, my family goes to church every Sunday etc. Am I Christian?
Do I have a history of it in my personal life.
So, if you find Emma and Greyson being a little snotty or anti-religion, please don't think that it's me. Normally, I wouldn't even bring this up, but since being called immoral and incestuous because of the threesome, I figured I'd address it now...

Here's me being PC. Someone write it down, it's not going to happen again for a LONG time!

Okay, I'm going off to fine tune Devil Hath Come (book 7) There's lots of work and currently Tammy isn't feeling well and having surgery, so, I shall be busy!

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,



  1. Hey sweetie!

    If you need help with editing the book so that Tammy can have a break and recoup, just let me know! I can probably go through it for you in about a week! ;)

    Plus, I'd love the little sneak peek before the world sees it. LOL.

    Keep up the great work and don't let the naysayers get you down. You rock and are my author idol (and drill sergeant...)



  2. Thank you for the offer! I'll keep you in mind! I know she mentioned it may take up to 6 weeks to recoup.

    I'll let you know! I appreciate you offering to be my backup!


  3. Anytime! Even if you just want a second set of eyes on the books!

    I know editing can be tough. No one is perfect and even the NYT bestselling authors have teams of editors going through their books!

  4. I love today's comment that it's easy to write a better book. Ahhhhhh, the critics are out in full force today.

    Be forewarned. I suck to work for!