Friday, March 15, 2013

First read through complete!

Today I met with Tammy over coffee.
Over the last week she's been working on the first read through of Fire Burns Hot. That's always the worst part of the process (for me and I'm sure for her too!)  It's where I get the first feedback on the story. She doesn't like knowing much about the book prior, so before she sees it, the 180,000 words have only been alive in me. At this point I'm a hot mess.
Will she like it?
Will she hate it?
Will she tell me I've lost my damn mind?
One of the best things about Tammy is her blatant honesty. Don't ask her if your ass looks fat in the pants you're wearing. She's going to tell you the truth. So, every time she takes the next book, I'm on the edge of my seat worried out of my mind.
I can tell how bad it's going to be by the amount of calls I get in the week she has the manuscript. When it's really quiet I'm nervous, and when she does call I'm even more scared.

This week she told me to take a vacation.
In Tammy-ese that means she's either concerned for my sanity or hers.
Possibly both.

So, taking her advice I'm on vacation. As some of you that emailed me noticed, I still answered your questions. That's because I live out of my phone. As for the writing aspect, I had given myself until today to finish Darkness of Truth.  Needless to say, it's not done. I'm about sixty pages until completion. Even though it's not slated to be released until fall, I can't start writing the spinoff series until I have that book wrapped. Once it's finished, I can begin the next series.

I wouldn't want tammy to be bored out of her mind at the beach this summer. That and I have plans to take almost a month off to head to Myrtle and be a beach bum with my kids. I won't be taking my phone or laptop with me. I'm going to have wine, lay in the sun and be at one with the waves.
        (That's my real vacation. It should run smoothly, unless a body washes up on shore.)

So for everyone that's asked me when the next book is out, the timeline I've listed in my blog is still accurate. Fire Burns Hot  will be released sometime in April.


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