Friday, March 15, 2013

Best Questions Yet.

I get lots of great email questions and here were two of my favorites this week.

Out of all of your novels, who is the most like you?
~ Jessica.

Why a Native man as the sex symbol?

Okay, the first question.
Everyone that knows me personally tells me that Elizabeth is my personality doppelgänger. I really don't see it. If there is one character that I relate to the most, it's Christina- Ethan's head lab tech. I'm a total nerd, love science and always need an answer. I get that Elizabeth and I resemble each other and yes, she's brash, sarcastic and hard core just like me, but I'm really not her.

And question two.
When I wrote the books, there was only one thing in my mind.
The portrayal of the Native American community had to be spot on. I wanted to incorporate the Rez.(the reservation) I wanted to make people aware that Natives are steeped in tradition. (The war bonnet and women wearing it is a HUGE NO!) I was tired of seeing the Natives kicked around in media as being drunks, who sucked the gov't dry of money and resources. We don't all drink. We certainly don't all live off casino money, and we don't all wear war bonnets and carry bows and arrows. It's irritating that if someone were to speak of any other ethnic group with stereotypes, there'd be a huge explosion, but hey, Natives are free game.

For the record, I have been known to correct people who refer to Native Americans as Indians. INCLUDING my daughter's teacher. It's simply a pet peeve for me.

I'm Native American and I always get the weirdest questions regarding it, so this is my attempt to bring part of me to the forefront and share a culture that's often overlooked.

So, when I decided to write a novel, I wanted to dip into the Native heritage and show people that the 'leading man' could be Native, sexy and be everything a non-native could be. (Plus in my head Ethan and Callen are hot!) I tell my husband all the time, if someone that looks like Ethan or Callen comes a knockin', I'm a walkin'.
Oddly, he's not even worried.

So there you have it!

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