The Morgan Kelley Team

I can't do what I do without the help of others. Currently, I have two ladies that help me with editing and proofing. Often, I'm asked who is on my 'team'. Well, I figured that I would share with you some personal things about myself and the people who help me publish the books that you love.

Morgan Kelley
Yes, this is me taking a break with the husband. After killing all day, even I need a hard cider!

You all know me as Morgan Kelley, but that's just my day job. (and lately my night job too) I'm a mom first and foremost. My daughter is 11 and precocious. My son is 4 and likes killing things. (Yeah, he's his mother's child already). I used to be an avid reader, but lately that's just not possible. My schedule is WAY too hectic. My husband is a very patient man, because with me, he has to be. I live in a tiny town where no one really knows what I do for a living, and that's okay by me. I have a large, fat, lazy cat, and he is my writing buddy. We do all our killing together. I'm basically just like you, but I have a murderous side, and I love every damn second of it!


Hi I'm Rachel,
I'm 31, I live in Coventry, in the UK, and spend most of my time being a full time mum to three children. I love reading some of my favorite  authors are JD Robb, Karin Slaughter, and of course Morgan Kelley.


Hi! I'm Laura,
I'm 24 and live in New Jersey bear the beach. I'm currently working towards my masters in social work, and work as a therapist. I love reading obviously, especially Morgan Kelley books!

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