Saturday, August 5, 2017

Happy release day part 2!

It seems like just yesterday that there was a release.
Oh wait!
There was.
Welcome to release day 2.0.
You get a whole second book today!

I know that most of you won't be done reading Paid Justice yet, but in case you are, today another book is being releases. This is the wedding scene that was not released in the main book in case someone was squeamish about gay sex.

I think it's hot, but hey...I roll like that.
Anyway, Wedding of our Dreams: Steel and Dante is available today. You can find it here...

I hope you love it! It's the Crofts behaving badly! You'll see Reggie again, have some fun moments with Dimitri, and of course Dante and Steele. 

Remember, this novella happens in the Epilogue's time frame. The part that says Wedding day and has Delilah getting ready is the point where this book happens. :)

And let the Crofts rock your world. 

Much love, mayhem, and murder, 

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